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2008' Alfa Romeo 159

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Published 26 April 2024ID: aHruKi

Information from the owner

Body: Wagon
Age: 16 years
Mileage: 260000 km
Displacement: 1910 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Grey

Seller's comments about 2008' Alfa Romeo 159

Good morning,
I would like to offer you a proven model with a trusted and recommendable drive unit. The car turned out to be a hit model on the automotive market and arouses a lot of interest.
Here are the details of the car:
[Brand] ---- Alfa Romeo
[Model] ---- 159
[Engine] ---- 1.9
[Year] ---- 2008
[Box] ---- Manual
[Date of first registration] ---- 29/07/2008
[Registration review until] ---- 20/10/2024
[OC insurance until] ---- 26/08/2024
Please contact me to provide all the details of the car, including the registration number, VIN number and date of first registration in order to check my car. I will be happy to send you the first page of your registration certificate!
I would like to emphasize that the car was garaged practically throughout its entire life.
To maintain the highest quality paint, the car was also waxed.
The car is in very good visual and technical condition. The interior is clean and tidy, no smoking! As of today, without any financial contribution.
I appreciate well-maintained cars, all repairs were always carried out on time.
I agree to have my car checked at any diagnostic station, and I agree to the buyer measuring the paint thickness. I invite you to perform any type of tests or diagnostics.
✔️ Please note, I also have a second set of tires in good condition for the car, which I am giving away with the car.
I cordially invite you to test drive and see the car. I'm not a surly person who finds it a big problem to talk to another person about a car. I will be happy to explain all issues related to the car! :-)
I will also consider exchanging it for another car, including delivery vehicles, I am waiting for offers for my additional payment or the buyer's additional payment :-)
I issue a VAT-MARGIN invoice for the car, the buyer is exempt from stamp duty, which means you save 2% of the car's value!
I also speak in English :-)

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