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2001' Audi A4

2001' Audi A4 photo #1
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Body: Wagon
Age: 22 years
Mileage: 371000 km
Displacement: 1896 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Blue

I am selling Audi A4 B5 facelift 2001
From the owner 12 years. Full repair history.
Odometer reading: 370941km
The car is kept in full working order. Perfect for driving. Insured, technical examinations. I bought it 12 years ago (2010.04), after importing it from Germany, I re-registered it myself. I will sell in good hands due to small utility needs - it's a pity deasel in the city, used occasionally, rather on routes. Very convenient - automatic. Visually to "love". I don't wash for show.
- Tiptronic automatic
- power 145KM (chiptunning on the dynamometer, at 280000km, 2013.04), over 370Nm!
- original radio, I sent it to replace the cassette - MP3, BT, AUX module, for the remote control)
- ESP (can be turned off)
- support
- 3 keys (including service)
- automatic air conditioning - climatronic
- 8 pillows (curtains)
- halogens
- from the owner
- Michelin Energy Saver tires
- Aluett alloy wheels
- battery 2 years
- Heated driver and passenger seats
- lumbar cushions in the front seats
- armrest with storage compartment
- foldable, divided sofa (also armrest)
- 5-pin HOOK (I put it in a few years ago, unscrewed)
- roof rails
- blind + net in the trunk
- central pneumatic lock + 2 remote controls
- closing windows when closing the car
- new engine cover (from below)
- new moldings on the doors
- original set of keys, triangle, jack in the spare wheel compartment with original filling.
- oils, operation done on time.
I bought it in full original condition and it has been preserved that way for years.
Disadvantages that I mention right away:
- detached headliner (unfortunately standard in A4)
- right wheel arch needs to be replaced (starts to crunch)
- faulty trunk lid insert (it always works with the remote control)
- chips on the bumper, bumper slides do not hold in several places (need to be replaced)
- cracked lower part of the front bumper cover.
Recent major repairs/service (in order of interest):
- change oil+f.oil+f.fuel at 370941km (2022.07)
- timing at 367830km (2021.08)
- full TURBO regeneration + intercooler replacement at 342,500km (2018.03)
- full gearbox regeneration at 326,145 km (2016.10)
- air filter, cabin at 370,730km (2022.07)
- rear brakes: replacement of the caliper, discs, pads at 366780km (2021.05)
- front brakes: replacement of discs, pads at 345000km (2018.05)
- replacement of power steering fluid at 355840km (2019.03)
- The current mileage in the photo is 370941km
- MANY more for 12 years (visible on site)
I don't have a knife in my throat with the sale - the final buyer will be a new user, not for the trader. The car is under a roof - you can see it. The price results from the technical condition.

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