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1998' Audi A6

6 photos
Body: Sedan
Mileage: 289000 km
Displacement: 2393 cc
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Silver
Interior: Air Conditioning, Cooled Seats, Power Steering
Exterior: Alloy Wheels
Safety: Antilock Brakes, Backup Sensors

Good morning,

I am selling my car Audi A6 C5 2.4l (121kW / 165KM) from 1998 with gas installation. I issue a full VAT invoice.

I am selling them due to the purchase of a different car and Audi has been standing in the parking lot for about 6 months without practically any use.

I bought the car in 2017 with a mileage of about 262 thousand km and during this period I reached about 289 thousand km.

I am the second owner of the car in Poland, it was imported from Germany in 2014.

The gas installation was installed immediately after arriving in Poland.

The car is in a slightly medium condition, hence the price is negotiable.

The OC is valid until June, Audi has no valid inspection!

I did not do because there are some things to improve in the car and the car is not used anyway.

Well, now briefly the advantages and disadvantages of the car:


- it starts up elegantly

- runs straight as if on a string

- has an automatic gearbox (works pretty cool)

- burns 12-15l of gas per 100km

- as for 24 years, the interior is nicely preserved

- has all-season tires, probably 3-year ones, R16 205/55, about 8,000 km have been driven on them

- spare wheel in the trunk (only needs to be inflated)

- electric, heated front seats

- the air conditioner works


- engine oil is leaking + probably it should be replaced

- a slight loss of coolant

- rear parking sensors stopped working during the 6-month stoppage

- rust comes out on the roof and doors

- the left front wheel arch has a dent made by some amateur car digging

- the rear fog lamp frame is cracked and the lights do not shine (the bulbs are probably burned out)

- the window actuator in the right front door does not have the power to raise the window completely after a few lowering and lifting

- the rear and front bumpers were painted by the previous owner after the collision and were painted like a facelift

- the paintwork is scratched in several places

- at about 120 km / h with hot brakes, the steering wheel shakes a little (discs and pads are ok at first glance)

- when you turn strongly to the left, you can hear some knocks from the steering system

- electric mirrors do not work because they have been stolen and the newly purchased ones do not have an electric module

I think that would be it, I do not know any more cons.

I posted some photos of the car and faults, if they have any other questions or requests for more photos, I'm here to help.

The car can be seen near Zakładowa / Rychtalska in Wrocław.

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  • Wroclaw
  • 17 April 2022
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