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2002' BMW Seria 3 Ver-330Ci

6 photos
Body: Convertible
Mileage: 175000 km
Displacement: 2979 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Black

Good morning,

I am selling a private car BMW E46 330Ci in the Cabrio option, a very rich version with a 3-liter, dynamic gasoline engine with 231HP. Iconic failure-free unit.

It is accident-free.

There was no smoking in the car.

It comes in a beautiful black color, which is why there are so many ambient reflections when taking pictures.

Of the things that remind me every day that I made a good choice when buying for my own use:

• engine power - 231HP allows for a really pleasant and, if necessary, dynamic driving;

• driving economy - you do not need to drive like a taxi driver to stay in the city in 9-10 liters, and on the route at a speed of 100-120 liters;

• beautiful interior - despite the passage of time, the upholstery is in great condition;

• roomy luggage compartment will accommodate shopping and luggage for a holiday trip;

• electrically operated driver's and passenger's seat - it comes in handy on longer journeys;

• armrest;

• a lot of space in the car - a lot of compartments;

• leather upholstery - incomparable comfort;

• wonderful alloy wheels;

• pleasant sound system;

• changer for 6 CDs - you can listen to your favorite music endlessly;

• navigation - map of Poland and Europe;

• I think it is stupid to mention air conditioning at all, but it is and works great :)

There are two abrasions to the paint - you can see them up close in two photos - left rear wheel arch and right sill (more photos on otomoto).

Review and third party liability valid until next year.

At the moment, the car has traveled nearly 175,000 km. km and probably won't change much by the time of sale as I have already bought another car.

The car has no leaks, the engine is dry, the chassis is in great condition.

The roof is tight, it unfolds smoothly, there are no problems with it.

I have replaced the alternator and battery in recent weeks - they are new.

The only downside for the buyer is a very small amount of my free time, so I am asking for thoughtful and specific phones.

The car is located in Warsaw, Praga Południe, next to my house and you can see it here.

The selling price is quite low, because I just want to sell the car, there are no hidden flaws.

I drive a new one and it only stands.

I cordially invite you!


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  • Warsaw
  • 16 June 2022
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