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2010' Chevrolet Aveo II

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Body: Hatchback - 3 doors
Condition: Good
Mileage: 95691 km
Power: 84 hp
Displacement: 1206 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual, 5 gears
Exterior color: White
Interior: Air Conditioning
Safety: Antilock Brakes, Driver Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag

The receiver of the bankruptcy estate of Małgorzata Zdybska, residing in Warsaw (hereinafter also the "Receiver") invites you to submit bids in a competition, the subject of which is the purchase of a share in a Chevrolet Aveo II 1.2 passenger car, with the registration number WJ4423A, which is part of the bankruptcy estate of Małgorzata Zdybska, year of production 2010, VIN KL1SF08DJAB122411, estimated by a property appraiser, M.Sc. Jerzy Gąska in the "Opinion No .: P - 394/22" of May 30, 2022.
The valuation of the vehicle can be found at the office of the Syndic, ul. Stanisława Augusta 75 lok. 47, 03-846 Warszawa (tel. + 48 22 639 45 55), after prior appointment. The dates by which the vehicle may be inspected are set by the official receiver.
NOTE: The co-owner of the car is Sławomir Zdybski. In the event that the person interested in purchasing the subject of the tender competition, for the purpose of assessing its factual and legal status, deems it appropriate to read the information beyond the scope of the information possessed by the trustee, obtaining such information remains solely at the discretion of the person interested in purchasing the subject of the tender competition. and is at the expense and effort of such a person, with the knowledge of the official receiver.
The starting price is PLN 3,350.00 (say: three thousand three hundred and fifty zloty). The receiver does not issue a VAT invoice.
Written offers containing the documents and declarations referred to in § 2 point 1 of the regulations of the offer competition, should be submitted by the deadline of July 8, 2022, by 15:00. in the receiver's office, ul. Stanisława Augusta 75 lok. 47, 03-846 Warsaw. The official receiver reserves that the offers posted at the post office, if they are not delivered to the official receiver by July 8, 2022 at the latest, will not take part in the competition (in this case the date of the postmark confirming sending the offer at the post office will not matter).
The Bidder is obliged, under the pain of not admitting to the tender competition, make a deposit in the amount of PLN 500.00 (say: five hundred zlotys) to the bank account of Małgorzata Zdybska's bankruptcy estate in bankruptcy, kept at Santander Bank Polska S.A. based in Warsaw.
The date of opening the bids is set for July 12, 2022, at 12:00, at the office of the Syndic, ul. Stanisława Augusta 75 lok. 47, 03-846 Warsaw.
If at least two bidders submit bids that meet the formal requirements of the bid contest regulations, containing a price not lower than the starting price referred to in § 1 point 3 of the bid contest regulations, the official receiver will obligatorily conduct an auction (oral bidding) between these bidders. The auction will be carried out on the day of opening the bids, i.e. on July 12, 2022, at the receiver's office, at 12:00, as an integral part of the tender competition.
The full text of the terms and conditions of the offer competition is available at the receiver's office (tel. + 48 22 639 45 55, e-mail: {censored}).

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  • Biuro Syndyka
  • Warsaw
  • 17 June 2022
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