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2011' Chevrolet Captiva

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Mileage: 333000 km
Displacement: 2231 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: White

Good morning,

I offer for sale a Chevrolet Captiva 2011 after lifts. The beautiful silhouette and shape do not reveal the age of the car at all. The car is in constant use, unfortunately, due to the change in the profile of my activity, I have to buy a bigger car for transporting equipment. You could say that I cry when selling because I cared and equipped as best I could. I will briefly describe its features and what is happening in the car:

- drives, turns, brakes

- 7 seats

- a hook stuck in the evidence

- annual good all-season tires

- injections made (!!)

- the car is used by me and is included in the business activity, it means that I issue a 0% VAT invoice, thus

the buyer is exempt from stamp duty,

- minor repairs done on a regular basis (e.g. a hose or something, I can present invoices)

- "LED daytime running lights" installed. You can say that they are unique, because the housing is from the majfrend, but I replaced the LED strips. I have original plastics, you can take this invention out within 30 minutes. Car installation is not motorized, plugs matched.

- retrofit lights on low and high beam - great visibility at night, good cut-off. Drivers do not flash, inspection passed. Of course, you can change to normal, here also the installation is not modified.

- inspection by February 2023

- automatic air conditioning

- heated front seats

- central locking, two keys, both with remote control

- leather upholstery in very good condition

- airbags

- cruise control

- rear view camera

- parking sensors (they are, but they do not work. I bought one, but for 2.5 years in total, thanks to the reversing camera, they were not needed and I did not have time to do it, nor was it a priority)

- 4gb ram android subsystem. It allows you to conveniently run e.g. google maps and spotify at the same time, but you can install apps from the store. The radio works with steering wheel control. I add an original Chevrolet radio to the car, if someone hurts the radio, but the backlight does not work. He plays radio stations, but you have to choose blindly. From org. the radio also works with the player from the original display, you can listen to music from the memory card.

- the outer part of the body is in nice condition, without major damage - natural signs of use

- no accident, collision-free, has a trace of an idiot from the parking lot. Original paint

- manual gearbox

- the car is used by me and is included in my business activity

- you can drive away on wheels, the car, in my opinion, does not require a financial contribution

- the mileage during my stay was not screwed, the history of the vehicle also does not reveal anything in principle :) a car from a Polish salon.

I am not a trader, I matured for a long time, but my common sense takes precedence over the joy of driving and I have to buy a bus.

I invite you to inspect it and to buy it, of course! The ship is great to drive, collects well and is very roomy.

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  • Sieradz
  • 14 June 2022
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