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2017' Dacia Duster

2017' Dacia Duster photo #1
2017' Dacia Duster photo #2
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Age: 6 years
Mileage: 146540 km
Displacement: 1598 cc
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: White

I have to offer a very good and well-maintained Dacia Duster, 2017 in the Laureate SCe 115 S&S version with factory LPG installation. The car has an absolutely reliable and reliable history, I was its only user from new. I invite you to check it at
The car was used as a taxi, but not in any fleet by random drivers, only I drove. It was also used for private purposes (holidays, trips, shopping in Biedra, etc.) As I am a pedantic person, the copy is really well maintained. After all, this car supported me, so how could I not care?
I would like to point out that no one has ever smoked a single cigarette in this car.
And while we're talking about smoking - the average fuel consumption in the city is about 9-10 liters of gas around the city. On the way I managed to get down to 7l.
The car was bought by me in a Polish showroom in Świętochłowice. He passed all inspections on time as part of the inspection package purchased at the Dacia Dealership in Krakow, mainly at ul. Silesian Insurgents. I have kept records of all inspections. Although the last timely inspection was in July 2022 at 137,000 km, I ordered him one more just before the warranty expired in October 2022 at 142,000 km (after all, they were paid), so that the next owner could enjoy a longer ride before the next inspection.
I assess the condition of the car as very good, it does not require absolutely any financial contribution after purchase, everything works as it should (AIR CONDITIONING ALSO WORKS - it does not need to be refilled ;)).
I am also including a second set of tires with the car.
The price is negotiable.
I agree to diagnostics of the car during the inspection made at a distance of up to 20 km and at the expense of the buyer.
I invite you to inspect it in Wola Radziszowska (about 20 km south of Krakow).
Recent operational repairs:
142000 km - replacement of the rear muffler
142000 km - oil and filter change
139,000 km - brake system replacement (pads, discs, calipers, drums)
117000 km - timing belt replacement

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