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2006' Fiat Croma

6 photos
Body: Wagon
Mileage: 252407 km
Displacement: 1910 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Black

For sale Fiat Croma from 2006, which I bought in 2014 as the second owner. The car is 16 years old, but despite its age, it is mechanically quite good, freshly serviced.

The dynamic 1.9 8v Multijet 120HP engine burns approximately 6 liters of crude oil in a combined cycle. The trunk is very large and the car is cheap to use, repair and practical.

To save our time together, I will try to describe everything exactly as it shouldn't be, to sell the car well, that is listing all the defects :)

So let's start with the disadvantages, because let's agree that at this price, a 16-year-old car will not be like a brand new one:

- Light scratch on the rear left bumper (in the photos)

- A slight dent in the front left (in the photos)

- A slight dent on the right front (in the photos)

- Sometimes there is a front passenger airbag error - it was replaced, but it didn't change anything

- Air conditioning - there is a small leak in the installation and the refrigerant has leaked

- Glow plugs? - they were replaced twice in a few months, until the mechanic said they were ok. Sometimes there is a message at the beginning of the ride that they are not ok, but there have been no problems with driving or starting for the last more than a year since the message appeared when firing.

The following were mentioned:

- Gearbox (about 5 years ago)

- Clutch with an island (about 5 years ago)

- Front axle (about 3 years ago)

- Rechargeable battery (2 years ago)

- Rear shock absorbers (2 years ago)

- Front and rear brakes (1.5 years ago)

- Filters and oil a year ago (except the fuel filter)

- Front shock absorber and spring (just replaced with new ones)

Probably soon to be replaced

- Timing

- A pair of tires

Clean history of the car except for one mistake. On June 8, 2020, the police handed me a ticket and entered the mileage with a typo of 242 thousand. km, instead of 224 thous. km. I only realized it during the next technical examination and unfortunately the matter cannot be undone.

The car has a hook and I add a set of summer and winter tires included in the price.

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