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2008' Ford Focus

2008' Ford Focus photo #1
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Body: Wagon
Age: 16 years
Mileage: 274433 km
Displacement: 1596 cc
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Power Mirrors, Power Steering
Safety: Antilock Brakes

Hello. I have a Ford Focus Mk2 station wagon for sale, facelifted, with a very good 1.6 16V petrol engine (100 HP) and a five-speed manual gearbox.
The car was purchased at a Polish FORD showroom and serviced for several years at an authorized dealership, and then at a friendly service center.
The technical condition of the car is very good! This is also confirmed by the technical inspection carried out a few days ago!
All periodic inspections, including changing oil, filters, etc., are always done on time, and there are also some necessary repairs and replacements of worn parts. Everything is confirmed by the service book kept from the very beginning to the present!
The car has a lot of new parts, such as the clutch, exhaust system, brake system, shock absorbers, other suspension elements (front and rear), alternator, high voltage cables, spark plugs, so they will definitely serve the new owner for a long, long time.
As for the engine, it is in very good condition. It starts at the touch of a button, runs quietly, smoothly, does not smoke, has no oil leaks and consumes only 0.5 L per 15,000 km. !
The body of the Focusik is also in very good condition! The paint has no scratches, abrasions, dents and, above all, no signs of corrosion!
While driving, the car drives very well, confidently, does not pull, does not make any knocks or squeaks in the suspension.
As for the interior of the car, it looks very decent to me. The driver's seat is in very good condition, as can also be seen in the photo. The cover has no abrasions, holes or stains. The sponge in the seat is hard and not creased, e.g. to the left or right, which happens in other cars, so it is very good and comfortable to sit in!
Aha... I will also add that the Focusik has been driven a lot in Poland, also outside Poland, so its mileage is mainly on highways and on expressways...
If anyone is interested in the equipment, Fordzik has:
- manual air conditioning (functional)
- front electric windows
- electric and heated mirrors
- 4 AIR BAG pillows
- Power steering
- leather, three-spoke steering wheel
- handlebar height adjustment
A bit poor, but quite enough for me!
If anyone has any further questions, please contact me by phone 7 days a week between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. My phone number
The price is of course negotiable...

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  • Warsaw
  • 15 March 2024
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