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2010' Ford Focus

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Published 5 May 2024ID: gJ5HFw

Information from the owner

Body: Wagon
Age: 14 years
Mileage: 375742 km
Displacement: 1560 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Silver

Seller's comments about 2010' Ford Focus

Ready to use! The car is in excellent technical condition - without additional financial investments! A full technical inspection and maintenance was carried out, including: Replacement of all filters New engine oil Coolant and brake fluid replacement Engine replacement at 285,000 miles, confirmed by the previous owner Gearbox and clutch modernization, gasket replacement Installation of new brake pads and front brake discsModernization of rear wishbones and front wheel bearingsProfessional cleaning of the DPF filter at a specialist stationAdditionally, the car is fully insured until December 14, 2024, and has also passed a technical inspection until November 29, 2024. Approved for use in taxis.Negotiable.Call:PL: RU\UA: The car can be viewed at: Jasnodworska 7.Don't miss the chance to buy a reliable car without unnecessary worries!+++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Готов к эксплуатации! A обслуific на пробеге 285 000, подтвержденннннннннннннннн his предущим владельцемобновление коророробки тормозных колодок и переluence циализированной E о 29.11.2024 года. Имется разрешение на использование в такси.Возможен торг.Звоните по номеру:PL: RU\UA: Автомобиль доступен для просмотра по адресу: Jasnodworska 7.Не lower your chances of getting better cars!

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