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2003' Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ghia

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Published 18 April 2024ID: VgjvHW

Information from the owner

Body: Sedan
Age: 21 years
Mileage: 320000 km
Displacement: 1999 cc
Fuel: LPG
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Silver
Exterior: Nerf Bars, New Tires

Seller's comments about 2003' Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ghia

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I am selling a Ford Mondeo MK3 from 2003.
The car is in constant use. With me for 8 years. The car has a Stag LPG installation, which works well and has recently been serviced. The cylinder will be replaced in February 2025.
The car is in the Ghia version, but it has elements of the lift version. It is not the most popular version. It has different bumpers at the front and rear and an additional spoiler on the rear hatch. I bought it in this condition.
I am selling the car due to the exchange for a larger one and due to the condition of the car and I no longer want to invest in it with a view to buying another one. I will describe the condition of the car and its faults below based on the inspection at the SKP, because I want the buyer to know the opinion of the diagnostician. I don't want to hide anything.
I went to the station to diagnose a knocking noise in the suspension. This is what was diagnosed.
1. Left stabilizer link.
2. The handbrake does not work - it is necessary to replace the rear calipers and, consequently, replace the brake discs and pads.
3. Oil leaking from the dipstick
4. Coolant, small leak, most likely from the water pump.
5. Corroded frets
6. Corroded stringers
The mechanic estimated the above repairs at PLN 3,000.
Moreover, what is not subject to the diagnostician's assessment, I document in photos.
These include: corroded doors and
parking dent left fender.
After a few days of frost when I didn't use the car, I know that the battery also needs to be replaced.
Despite the above defects, I would like to point out that the car was used every day until November last year, hence it was regularly subjected to repairs and replacements resulting from ongoing use.
Inspection until 14/12/23
Occupancy until 19/04/24
Only summer tires after 2 seasons of use.
The battery also needs to be replaced
If you have questions please contact me.
Due to the lack of inspection, the car must be safely picked up by a tow truck.

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