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2005' Honda Accord

2005' Honda Accord photo #1
2005' Honda Accord photo #2
2005' Honda Accord photo #3
2005' Honda Accord photo #4
2005' Honda Accord photo #5
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Body: Wagon
Age: 18 years
Mileage: 486552 km
Displacement: 2354 cc
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Grey

Good morning.
I have a Honda for sale, which I have been using for over four years. I am the second owner in Poland, and the car was imported in 2010. The previous owner sold me this car with a file of ASO invoices for all kinds of repairs and I also continued collecting documents confirming the repairs, which of course are available for inspection. The car is serviced on a regular basis, oil and filters (also gas) changed every 10,000 km. kilometers. The last major service was carried out in January this year. which I confirm with the attached photo of the invoice.
The car is in good condition for its age and mileage, the engine runs well, the gear shifts without any problems. Oil in the gearbox replaced at approx. 430 thousand. km. by the previous owner.
Things to know about the car:
-has a classic problem with sheet metal - in my opinion, the rear left and right doors are to be replaced, because the purchase will cost less than the repair (in color you can buy on portals from PLN 200); the rear wheel arches are the same story
- in addition to the above, there are a few hot spots - small rust spots that can be secured by yourself (I tried to include everything in the photos)
- I don't have photos of the floor, but the periodic inspection (probably in April) showed that the floor is in good condition - there is a slight tarnish, but there are no holes or serious signs of rotting. The reason for this is the undercarriage protection made by the previous owner, which effectively protected the floor.
-of things to do- on petrol the engine wobbles at revs, sometimes dims when it is at low revs. After a while of driving on gasoline, the check engine error pops up with a lambda probe error. This problem DOES NOT OCCUR when driving on gas and the engine works flawlessly. After driving up to 50 km on gas, the error disappears
- the second issue is a slight knock in the left wheel when turning. During the previous service, the mechanic mentioned that some part may be done in a while and will have to be changed, and apparently it happened - I admit that I do not remember what it was, someone would have to look at it, but during the last service and replacement of the front control arms, the mechanic did not say nothing disturbing and dangerous - I was driving without a problem.
- the thresholds in the places visible in the photos are not occupied by rust - the photos show just stains from the door.
Actually, those are the main things I wanted to point out. It should be added that reading CDs in the radio does not work, but I added a WEFA bluetooth module. In addition, the sound system is very good and the car drives confidently. It has a very spacious trunk with a power tailgate, tinted rear windows and a factory net partition from the luggage compartment that can be folded down. LPG cylinder valid until 2031
Perhaps I have omitted something that will be important to you, so please feel free to contact me and ask questions. I prefer telephone contact.
Overall the car is in good condition. I also have a service history, which is not obvious even with younger copies. Price negotiable when inspecting the car.

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