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1995' Honda Civic

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Published 10 May 2024ID: ZZJ8Wl

Information from the owner

Body: Sedan
Age: 29 years
Mileage: 226500 km
Displacement: 1590 cc
Fuel: LPG
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: White
Interior: Air Conditioning, Power Mirrors
Exterior: Fog lamps
Safety: Antilock Brakes
Electronics: Bluetooth, Back Up Camera

Seller's comments about 1995' Honda Civic

Honda Civic vi mb fastback 95 1.6 One owner in the country, the car is accident-free. In one hands since 2018. Honda in constant use, mileage is constantly increasing. The reason for selling is to buy another car (time for a change). Electric sunroof Electrically adjustable mirrors Fully electric windows Front fog (left glass broken) Heated rear window Air conditioning Pioneer MVH-29BT radio Full LPG STAG catalytic converter - fuel consumption is 10l/100km, tank capacity is 30l Navitel R600 car camera Clock faces and indigo air vent panel illumination from moman.pl It has adjustable brightness of the clock lighting Suspension without any play Brakes ok It has a USB connector nicely fitted into the empty cap, as can be seen in the photo It has a hook stamped as an ID Central locking (opened and closed with a remote control) It has an immobilizer protection A set of metal and rubber bushings has been replaced rear, right inner joint cover, steering rack cover on the right side, right side steering rack end replaced (of course, the car was after the suspension geometry) 2023 Replaced rear brake pads with brake fluid replacement and system bleeding 2023 LPG installation inspection - adjustment, replacement filters 2023 Replaced cabin filter 2023 Replaced air filter 2022 Replaced oil and filter. 2023 Replaced windshield (windshield) due to a chip that cracked over time 2022. The timing belt was replaced in 2019. The headliner was re-glued (the material was peeling off). 2019. Sheet metal was made, part of the rear sill and the L+R wheel arch, and the paint was refreshed, except for the hood, front bumper and roof. The hood has a patch - 2019. Every 20,000 km, i.e. every second oil change, the valve clearances are checked and, if necessary, the valve clearances are adjusted. To be completely happy you need: - ABS repair (left rear sensor needs to be replaced), - air conditioning (no refrigerant in the system because the radiator casing was sandblasted and then painted - so it needs to be refilled) I leave this to the future owner; civic without holes in the chassis or body, of course there are signs/efflorescence, there is corrosion on the suspension, and it will also be found on the body, in a small amount. Photos for those interested. Oil changed every 10,000 km. Honda consumes 1L/5000km of oil. Technical inspection valid until: February 27, 2025 Third-party liability insurance valid until: May 31, 2024 In my opinion, the Honda is in very good condition. The car is 29 years old and please remember that. To see Krakow, Łagiewniki.

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