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2011' Hyundai ix35 2.0 Style 2Wd

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Published 5 July 2024ID: 4tEeKF

Information from the owner

Age: 13 years
Mileage: 108200 km
Displacement: 1998 cc
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Silver

Seller's comments about 2011' Hyundai ix35 2.0 Style 2Wd

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be aware that cars have become much more expensive everywhere in Europe!!! Full service at the dealership until the end - the last one last year - I have the receipts. You also have to pay for such mileage, like everywhere in Europe, and we are also in the EU! Only 108,000 km, which is not many for so many years. You can't buy an iX35 for less money, which is accident-free, not putty and with documented low mileage. I buy a lot of such cars (I already had 30 pieces on offer) and I know that for less money it's garbage. What matters here is the condition of the vehicle, not even the year of production. Please come for a ride. go to the cheaper ones and see for yourself - there are no miracles or bargains. The price also speaks of the exemplary technical condition. You can buy a pseudo bargain and spend PLN 6,000 on it, but the question is whether it makes sense? Everywhere in Western Europe, these cars with a 2.0 engine are at a premium due to their reliability. Full service at the dealership until the end - the last one last year - I have the receiptsYou have decided to drive a certain car like a respected citizen of the European Union from Western Europe You don't want to see imported scrap - post-accident, cut, putty and with the odometer rolled back - Come to us!!! I specialize in finding impeccable cars . I have worked at the Japanese brand dealership in Warsaw for over 15 years. I know the technology of these vehicles like no one else. I am 54 years old. I import cars from the German market - also on request. I am only looking for accident-free cars with documented mileage. I have a large customer base who trust me and have been purchasing from me for years. Experience has taught me that what matters is the quality of the imported vehicles, and there is no such thing on our market. I always repeat in the description not to put all importers in one bag! Not everyone rolls back their odometers and brings back accident-damaged cars. There are still honest people! You can always check - in today's era of such widespread Internet - how much nice, reliable and in perfect technical condition vehicles cost abroad. Why are they usually more expensive than ours? - So please do not look at cheaper offers in our ads. You should be interested in those that cost well above average! The lower price says for itself that we will go to look at the suspicious vehicle! Why are there differences of 6-15 thousand in our advertisements? PLN on a supposedly the same car from a given year and similarly equipped? This one is cheaper by 6-15 thousand. than the more expensive one, it must be suspect, i.e. with the odometer rolled back or repaired after an accident. I know what I'm saying because no one is a miracle worker and can't bring you something good for less money. Let's not be dreamers about low mileage in cars that are 8-15 years old - let's think realistically! If the mileage is low, the seller should have several documents to prove it. I always have one. I guess you want a safe car for yourself for a few years - so don't skimp on your safety! You have to pay for a decent thing. There are people who decide to drive their vehicles after an accident or after an odometer correction - because it is cheaper, sometimes completely unaware of it. Fortunately, not everyone is such a desperate person. Above I present an exceptionally well-kept copy - bought directly from the owner of the Hyundai ix35. Everything is in very good condition - regularly serviced at the authorized service center - it does not require any financial contribution as of today. It will last for a long time without repairs or replacement of consumables. The last inspection was done last year - the receipts are. I am not a fan of going into detail about the equipment and other elements of the vehicle, what matters is the quality - but it is quite a rich version. Like any car - you need to see it in person and take a test drive and only then we have a full picture of the advantages of the vehicle. I recommend and welcome! More information. tel.The buyer is exempt from PCC3 tax - the so-called 2% to the tax office. I recommend and invite you. I accept cars for settlement. This announcement is only commercial information and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66, § 1 of the Civil Code. The Seller is not responsible for any errors or out-of-dateness of the advertisement. THIS PROVISION HAS BEEN INCLUDED DUE TO THE POSSIBILITY OF MINOR HUMAN ERRORS. IF YOU NOTICE ANY INACCURACIES, WRITE TO ME AND WE WILL CLEAR THEM IMMEDIATELY

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