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2005' Infiniti FX

6 photos
Age: 17 years
Mileage: 226452 km
Displacement: 4494 cc
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Black

Good morning!

It is with great sadness that I have to put up for sale a car that has been with me for the last few years. I am its third owner. I am happy to tell you what I know about its history. European version !!! A car that always gives me real fun in everyday use.

The car is big, safe, has a lot of systems that have helped me many times in difficult conditions. The car is perfect for slippery, snowy winters, muddy spring and autumn routes, as well as summer trips (the climate is great - freshly inspected and "loaded").

-It stands out in appearance and sound.

-It is a car safe for the family, and at the same time it has a spacious trunk with a roller shutter (almost like in a station wagon)

-Accelerates in just over 6s to 100 km / h)

- Auto equipment and modern systems sometimes exceed other premium classes (eg BOSE 5.1, adaptive cruise control or touch panel with android without factory restrictions)

- a car cheaper to maintain than a typical 2.0 16V benz.

Unaware that I will have to sell them, Infiniti has recently been heavily invested:

- Engine checked and renewed (10k traveled since the fix) - works perfectly both on petrol and gas

- New battery

- New oil pump (provides super engine lubrication for a long time)

- New oil pressure sensor

- New candles

- New right front wheel hub

- New discs + pads in the front

- New gas tank

- New gas multivalve

- Change of oil and filters only at the turn of 22/23

- Sticky decorative strips on the doors and on the trunk

- Luggage compartment protection mat

- Carbon veneer inside

- Placed full ceramics and an invisible doormat (you can see in the photos how it shines)

- Where there was a possibility, I replaced the lighting with LED

- I replaced the V-belt rollers

- Better than the original, wide-angle, even in low light, rear view camera

- I installed a dedicated touch-sensitive FRONT PANEL with the latest Android. Such installations cost from several to several thousand zlotys:

Full integration with the standard car computer

Rear view camera supported

Information about the car

Panel integrated with car alerts (e.g. open door - shows which one)

Air conditioning service

Integration with the phone as in all the most modern cars

Full possibility to install the application, insert your own sim card or use the internet from your mobile phone - you can install your spotify, netflix, janosik or maps !!!

Integration with original steering wheel buttons

-> additionally I will add the original panel

Everything that I added and invested in did not interfere with the standard systems, systems or equipment of the car.

Combustion in the city: 15-20 liters of gas

On the road: 11-15 liters of gas

Liability insurance + accident insurance: PLN 600

I have never seen any rust on a tinsmith, but it has some smaller defects, such as scratches or dents (which does not change the fact that it looks perfect with the ceramics placed). Also inside, please do not be surprised to find minor flaws that do not affect the overall look and feel. This is my everyday car, which I drive my family in.

The automatic transmission works perfectly.

I have an original case with a set of books + 2 original keys.

I allow to negotiate the price due to the aforementioned disadvantages. Black rims with tires not included. I sell on beautiful, original 20 inch rims with all-season tires.

I agree to have the car checked at the local diagnostic station.

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