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2004' Jeep Grand Cherokee

2004' Jeep Grand Cherokee photo #1
2004' Jeep Grand Cherokee photo #2
2004' Jeep Grand Cherokee photo #3
2004' Jeep Grand Cherokee photo #4
2004' Jeep Grand Cherokee photo #5
2004' Jeep Grand Cherokee photo #6
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Age: 19 years
Mileage: 324500 km
Displacement: 4701 cc
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Green
Exterior: Nerf Bars
Electronics: Bluetooth

Private Jeep WJ Overland 2004 4.7 H.O. for sale.
The car was purchased as a production car in 2022.
It has undergone a number of modifications at FrontSide Service Częstochowa
Lift 2" ome+bilstein b8, Huasr 12000lb winch with a custom winch plate with a sheet protecting the front of the car under warranty, Snorkel, widenings, sills, LEDs on the roof and rear bumper, repaired calipers plus new pads, replaced hubs. 2 sets of tires. MT BFG from 2022 KM3 on new steel rims, the second set of Hankok at3 from 2021 on original alloy rims.
Mileage 200k miles, the engine was replaced with an English one after renovation with a mileage of 120k. The gas in the car is not connected. It remained from the old engine, the installation was not dismantled. A Bluetooth hands-free kit is installed with the original radio.
Below is information about what was done and how long it took:
1. Machining the bumper cover 8h
2. Machining the bumper cover 8h
3. Preparation for painting, painting thresholds and covers 7 hours
4. Installation of the LED bar. Installation takes 8 hours
5. Painting the sills from the inside. Removing the wheels, installing the caps, Adjusting the hood lock 8 hours
6. Workshop 1h Installation of rear lighting 3.5h
7. disassembly of headlights 0.5 h
8. disassembly of the front belt 2h
9. removing foam from thresholds 8h
10. cutting the thresholds and measuring the adjustment of the thresholds 8h
11. welding of threshold structures and processing 5 hours
12. inserting sills into the bodywork and removing corrosion 8 hours
13. cutting and patching the hole in the internal threshold and sealing it 3h
14. painting the thresholds with primer and sealing the thresholds with polyurethane +r stop 5 h
15. cutting the front strip 3 hours - inserting the winch plate plus painting 8 hours
16. winch installation 7.5 h
17. installation of snorkel and washer reservoir 6 hours
18. winch slide 2 h
19. front hood lock support 2h
20. bumper cover bending, welding, fittings, painting epoxy primer plus varnish 16 h
21. protection of the car for painting plus painting the bumper cover and sills 7 hours
22. LED bar installation on the roof plus installation 8 hours
23. painting the thresholds from the inside 4 hours
24. disassembly of wheels and installation of hubcaps 2h
25. installation of wheel arches and trimming the bumper 2h
26. assembly plus installation of work lamps in the rear bumper 3.5 h
27. Extra work - moving the relay up 1 hour
28. installation of jerking hooks 1 hour
29. dismantling the front bumper, skid plate, sanding the paint from the winch plate, repainting (change of the client's concept) 2 h
30. welding the front bumper 0.5h
31. painting and sealing the sills - cutting out the front strip Total 8 hours
32. inserting the board and painting Total 8 hours
33. winch installation Total 7.5 hours
34. front belt adjustment Total 8h
35. Slide the cutout in the bumper - lock handle - windshield washer fluid reservoir - Removing the gas computer Total 8 hours
36. Suspension installation, Omega springs, Bilstein B9 shock absorbers, repair of cups
37. Regeneration of brake calipers, new brake pads
38. Oil service
39. Overview of bridges and reducer
40. Replacing front wheel hubs
I issue a 23% VAT invoice for the car, the amount given in the advertisement is the net amount.
About PLN 65,000 invested in the car.
Please ask for more photos, I will send them by e-mail

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