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2014' Nissan JUKE

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Mileage: 56727 km
Displacement: 1197 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Black

Offer of an authorized dealer of the brand NISSAN.

We have a NISSAN JUKE passenger car for sale, with a 1.2 Dig-T 115HP gasoline engine and a manual 6-speed gearbox, with a very small and documented mileage. The car is serviced on a regular basis, in very good technical condition and well-equipped, purchased and serviced at a Polish Nissan dealer.

The car left in the settlement when buying a new NISSAN car.

The car is issued with FV-margin, so the buyer is exempt from paying the tax.

The presented price offer is informative and does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Article 66 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code and does not reflect the current stock levels. To check the validity of the price and the compliance of the offer with the reality, the Buyer should contact our Showroom.

This entry was included due to the possibility of minor mistakes.

  • 459Show phone
  • Rzeszow
  • 11 June 2022
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