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2010' Nissan Qashqai

2010' Nissan Qashqai photo #1
2010' Nissan Qashqai photo #2
2010' Nissan Qashqai photo #3
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2010' Nissan Qashqai photo #5
2010' Nissan Qashqai photo #6
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Age: 14 years
Mileage: 199999 km
Displacement: 1995 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Red
Exterior: Luggage Rack, Sun/Moon Roof

I am the second user. I originally bought it for the company, then released it, and finally bought the car privately and used it interchangeably with my wife.
Very lively. It drives great and will be especially appreciated by women in the city due to its high chassis and comfortable driving position. On the road it can accelerate up to 200 km/h, a very dynamic chain engine, dynamic overtaking but also economical fuel consumption. Used for a long time by my wife in Wrocław on the north-south route on the motorway bypass for work and shopping, as well as several family trips to Italy and Poland.
Very roomy trunk. Recently I fit a large elliptical trainer into it that couldn't fit my Mercedes E-class.
Huge panoramic glass roof.
A very practical and economical car, but also, to the surprise of many, capable of turning down gas really well. The previous owner subjected them to a little tuning (hence the Nismo - Nissan Motorsport sticker).
Tinted windows.
The car is regularly serviced, recently replaced lambda sensors and suspension.
Small dent on the flap, abrasion on the side (someone parked next to it). The driver's upholstery requires delicate lining or a new cover.
A small stone spider appeared on the glass roof. I have a repair planned (cost PLN 1,600). If I don't manage to sell it, I will reduce the price by that amount. The glass is glued and safe, so not everyone needs to have it repaired (I personally don't like driving with the roof open).
The car is available in Wrocław. I am not interested in intermediaries and commissions.

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  • Wroclaw
  • 9 February 2024
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