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2007' Opel Astra Cosmo

2007' Opel Astra Cosmo photo #1
2007' Opel Astra Cosmo photo #2
2007' Opel Astra Cosmo photo #3
2007' Opel Astra Cosmo photo #4
2007' Opel Astra Cosmo photo #5
2007' Opel Astra Cosmo photo #6
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Body: Convertible
Age: 17 years
Mileage: 155500 km
Displacement: 1910 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Power Mirrors
Electronics: Trip/Mileage Computer

Hello, I am selling an Astra Cabrio from 2007, with a capacity of 1.9, 150 HP, the unit is characterized by low fuel consumption and dynamic operation. It has a mileage of only 155,000 km and is 100% original. The car is in very good technical and visual condition. There are no knocks and everything that needed repair was done on time. I am sure that the car, properly cared for (as it has been so far), will serve its future owner for many years to come. An additional advantage is that this car is spacious and incredibly comfortable. With a wide range of equipment, I think this is extremely important for everyone.
It is equipped with:
-Power steering,
- Air conditioning
-El. mirrors
- El . Windows
- 8x Airbags
-cruise control
-rain and dusk sensor
-electric headlights
-AUX socket
-leather steering wheel
-semi-leather seats
- a set of documentation with books
The car is registered with third party liability insurance and inspection until October 10, 2024
Price PLN 15,700
Possibility to leave your car in the settlement
Car Noteworthy Car for a car VAT invoice is not required by the buyer
pays 2%
The car is ready for registration
MORE pics on otomoto
The "VIP-GWARANT SERVICE" warranty includes:
- all technical faults (warranty-related) arising after purchasing the vehicle,
- drive unit - engine,
- manual gearbox
- automatic gearbox,
- differentials,
- drive shafts,
- housings - gearbox, engines, axles, oil pan, etc.
- engine main computer,
- front and rear suspension - shock absorbers, springs, etc.
- hydro-pneumatic suspension,
- timing belts in case of breakage
- timing chains in case of breakage
- dual mass flywheels,
- turbochargers,
- computer diagnostics,
- Auto Assistance - repair on the road, transport to the workshop

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  • Tarnow
  • 3 February 2024
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