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2008' Opel Zafira

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Body: MiniVan
Mileage: 282500 km
Displacement: 1796 cc
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Black


Family car for sale from a private individual. Time to change our family car to a newer model.

VIN: W0L0AHM759G014533

Date of registration: 10/08/2008 (model 2009).

Registration number: WOT48185

Engine Code: Z18XER.

Paint color: black Z20R

Opel Zafira B ENJOY version, Engine 1,8 petrol 140KM (103KW)

5-speed EasyTronic automatic gearbox + switch to manual.

Xenon lamps (lift).

Two keys.

Detachable hook Oris - 2 keys.

Landi Renzo Omegas LPG installation - 53l cylinder changed on 10.2017 (refueling 38l - about 440km - LPG consumption 8.8-9l / 100km), cylinder under the car instead of a spare wheel, LPG filler in the fuel flap + LPG extension.

Spare wheel - spare wheel.

Jack, keys, triangle, vest, fire extinguisher, first aid kit.

Set of purchased new summer tires 205 / 55R16 (1718) Dębica Presto HP + set. new winter tires on steel rims (2-3 years old) - treads like new.

Cigarette lighter socket in the trunk and in the tunnel between the seats.

In the front part, the cigarette lighter socket is replaced with a charging socket for two phones.

Cruise control. Air conditioning. ABS - TC. ESP. HSA.

Illuminated mirrors in the sun visors (driver and passenger).

Driver's glasses holder / storage.

Driver / passenger airbags and side curtain airbags.

Multifunction steering wheel.

Button: Winter driving mode,

Button: Sports Driving,

Button: Closing / opening the door,

Button: Disable / enable parking sensors front / rear,

Button: DDS - air pressure in the wheels.

Button: Front / rear fog lights.


Radio CD30 MP3 with display operation. AUX output.

Tinted rear and side rear windows.

Elect. front / rear windows (with key-operated opening / closing) and electrically adjustable / folding mirrors. side. Central lock.

Roof rails along the car. Free beams.

7 seats (refreshed velor upholstery, front seats: up / down adjustment, lumbar support adjustment, extended armrest / storage with adjustable angle).

Opel velor and rubber floor mats. Rubber lining in the trunk.

Additionally, on the front sills, aluminum inscriptions "Zafira"

Additional I added tables in the rear seats (for children).

In addition: a driving recorder (rear view mirror with recording front and a wired rear camera mounted above the license plate) superimposed on the factory mirror + reversing mode that starts in the mirror.

Books for Opel + service book from abroad, etc. (I'll take a photo in my free time).

Own service booklet kept from the mileage of approximately 170039km (I have receipts etc. for most of the parts / repairs below).

Vehicle history to be checked from the website: vehicle history

Meter status info:

9846km (03/11/2009) - LPG inspection in Germany

19509km (20.07.2009) - LPG inspection in Germany

25617km (10/06/2009) - oil service Germany

29980km (07.12.2009) - LPG inspection in Germany

39,411km (April 12, 2010) - LPG inspection in Germany

49746km (23.08.2010) - LPG inspection in Germany

53998km (October 21, 2010) - LPG inspection and oil service (Germany)

59,812km (18/11/2011) - LPG inspection in Germany

70200km (24/06/2011) - LPG inspection in Germany

79820km (15/11/2011) - LPG inspection and oil service (Germany)

85,884km (02/02/2012) - LPG inspection in Germany

91,525km (12/04/2012) - LPG inspection in Germany

100 101km (07/09/2012) - LPG inspection in Germany

109907km (02/11/2012) - LPG inspection and oil service (Germany)

120000km (March 5, 2013) - LPG inspection in Germany

130000km (July 29, 2013) - LPG inspection Germany ...

160000km (08.2016) - info Germany

170039km (26/09/2017) - purchase of a car

170084km (04/01/2018) - cleaning the brakes front and rear

170090km (08/01/2018) - engine oil and filters change

170098km (11/01/2018) - gas cylinder replacement for 53l (refueling 38-40l)

170 112km (01/02/2018) - replacement of candles and inspection / adjustment / replacement of the LPG gas filter

170115km (01/02/2018) - technical examination

170705km (02/14/2018) - thermostat replacement

176675km (24/04/2018) - CONTI timing replacement, water pumps, rear rocker sleeve

... (11/09/2018) Tires 4x Dębica Presto HP 205 / 55R16 91V

191500km (10/06/2018) - engine oil and filters change

... (09/11/2018) - replacement of the front wheel hub (right)

196564km (15/11/2018) - inspection / adjustment / replacement of injectors and LPG gas filter

203826km (31/01/2019) - technical examination

203880km (01/02/2019) - insurance

212200km (16/05/2019) - engine oil change / filters, brake pads replacement rear, rear shock absorbers, replacement of the valve cover gaskets and oil pan

228,200km (17/10/2019) - inspection / replacement of the gas filter

236 317km (January 29, 2020) - technical examination

241500km (03/26/2020) - replacement of filters and oil in the engine, replacement of the stabilizer connector

243450km (16/06/2020) - replacing candles, cleaning the throttle

247000km (30/10/2020) - engine oil and filters change

(30/10/2020) - VARTA 61Ah battery replaced

250,000km (18/01/2021) - insurance

250,950km (January 29, 2021) - technical examination

256677km (27/05/2021) - engine oil and filter change

263920km (14/08/2021) - brake pads replaced front L + R, shock absorber cushions and bearings front L + R + stabilizer link right front

263950 km - the rear left door harness has been repaired (the window did not open),

266050km - replacement of the oil filter + engine oil DEXOS2 GM 5W30

... - replacement of the gas sensor and lpg filter

273244km (January 17, 2022) - insurance

273818km (29-01-2022) - technical examination

277 535km (15-03-2022) - replacing candles ZFR5F V-Line + ignition coil, stabilizer link LP

281,700 km - replacement of discs and pads rear (PLN 390), cleaning of LPG injectors

282,500 km - present condition / in continuous use / ...

To do: right rear lamp to dim., Timing

Scratches / scratches on paintwork and bumpers. Car in condition: a good plus. In constant use.

Reason for sale: change of car to a newer model - Zafira C :-)

Interested persons please contact me by phone.

Price to small. negotiation. The car is worth the given price :-)

Thank you to the commissioners.

Best regards


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  • Otwock
  • 3 June 2022
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