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2006' Peugeot 407

2006' Peugeot 407 photo #1
2006' Peugeot 407 photo #2
2006' Peugeot 407 photo #3
2006' Peugeot 407 photo #4
2006' Peugeot 407 photo #5
2006' Peugeot 407 photo #6
6 photos
Body: Coupe
Age: 17 years
Mileage: 269245 km
Displacement: 2720 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Air Conditioning
Exterior: Luggage Rack

For sale I am offering a charming Peugeot 407 Coupe 2.7 HDI V6 Sport with a power of 204 HP, equipped with a full range of dynamic performance and presented in a unique, eye-catching color.
Distinctive 19" rims not only add elegance to the car, but also improve traction and handling.
Under the hood is a V6 engine that starts instantly, offering not only excellent performance but also a harmonious sound.
The unique features of this car do not end here - dynamic side indicators are installed, which add character, and the interior has been supplemented with new, German PETEX brand mats, which not only provide comfort, but also eliminate unpleasant odors.
The Peugeot 407 Coupe also impresses with practical solutions, such as a trunk that opens with a key, making loading easier, and high-quality leather trim that is in very good condition, as can be seen in the photos.
It is also worth emphasizing that the car has undergone regular maintenance, including changing the oil in the gearbox and engine, which ensures its long-term reliability. All repairs were carried out on an ongoing basis, which confirms that the car was treated with due care.
The disadvantages that should be mentioned are small elements that require attention. The air conditioning works, although it requires filling with refrigerant. Despite the error, the auxiliary lights work properly. Automatic headlight positioning may require minor adjustments, but its operation does not affect driving safety. The front bumper also has a little looseness, but this issue is easily repairable. The photo shows a small dent on the hood, which does not affect the functionality or aesthetics of the car.
The offer also includes 18" rims with winter tires - one tire is damaged.
Additionally, the car has third party liability insurance valid until June 21, 2024 and a current inspection until December 23, 2023, which passed without any problems.
Our family currently has 4 cars, plus a company car. However, the moment has come when we have to make a decision. The joy of giving birth to our second daughter fills us with enthusiasm and is the driving force behind this step.
Therefore, we would like our beloved car to find a new owner who will appreciate its uniqueness as much as we have done all this time. We are sure that this step will benefit both us and the future owner of this car.
We are sure that the new owner will appreciate the unique features of this Peugeot and will take care of them as we do with each of our cars.
I agree to have the car checked at a diagnostic station in a workshop, etc.
The car is ready to drive. I have nothing to hide.

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