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2017' Renault Megane

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Age: 5 years
Mileage: 85900 km
Displacement: 1197 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Beige

For sale I have a Renault Megane IV car from 2017 with a mileage of 85900. Meganke is powered by a 1.2 turbo gasoline engine with a power of 132 km. It is a very dynamic unit and at the same time economical on the timing chain. I estimate the condition of the Renoval as very good, the center is clean and well-kept, the car has never been involved in any accident or collision, for those interested I can send photos with the sensor or lend such a device during the inspection. I bought a car of finch in Katowice, where the previous owner left it in the settlement and took a new car and I took it from there, I am the second owner. The car served me mainly after driving in the city, but I also happened to make a few more routes (1500-2000 km) with it, it never let me down, it always took me to my destination. The car is freshly after the warranty, which ended in March, and all services were performed only and exclusively in an authorized service station, except for more frequent oil and filter changes on their own - the manufacturer provides for replacement every 30,000, but I was, I am and will be a supporter of oil changes every 10,000 and this is how I changed it from when the car was in my hands. I have always tried to take care of the car as best I can and all operational faults were immediately verified and repaired. The equipment includes, among other things, rear parking sensors, LED daytime running lights, two-zone air conditioning, on-board computer, virtual clocks with the possibility of changing the color and theme, navigation, start stop system, Eco button (then we drive economically and fuel consumption is within 4-5l ) engine sound modeling - the sound of a sports engine flies from the loudspeakers - you can feel like in a Ferrari driving only a mega-bell;), the R-link system has also been raised to version 7.0 (of course, in the ASO under warranty because the earlier lower soft disconnected the connection with the phone) so The future owner can enjoy Android Auto and various other interesting functions that not every meganka has because the Dealership is very reluctant to raise the version for fear of spoiling the entire radio - luckily in my meganka, everything worked and flashes as it should.

The car is sold only because I have a second car, which I use more often, and I just feel sorry for it, I am sure that it will serve the new owner as well as it did to me and will enjoy the trouble-free driving of this car.

The advertisement is private, I am not a trader, registration plates from Gdańsk are only because the car is registered for my mother who is registered in Gdańsk, the car can be viewed in Zakliczyn near Myślenice 20 km from Krakow. Of course, I agree to visit an authorized service station or any selected diagnostic station in order to verify the technical condition of the car and check its history. Price is reasonable to negotiate.

Feel free to contact me and of course for a test drive!

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  • Krakow
  • 30 June 2022
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