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2008' Skoda Fabia

6 photos
Age: 15 years
Mileage: 296666 km
Displacement: 1422 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: White

For sale Skoda Fabia II from 2008 with 1.4 TDI engine (engine code BNM). Factory without dual mass and DPFa, very cheap to operate! Freshly MOT - 02/21/2023
Sales on a VAT invoice - margin - buyer exempt from PCC tax!
In the family since 2014. Since then, I have been the main driver, although I officially became the owner on December 31, 2020, when I bought Skoda from my parents.
The current mileage of the car is 296,666 km, while the mileage of the engine is about 176k km. With a mileage of about 120k km, it was replaced by the first owner due to seizing.
The factory engine had 70KM, but I raised it with professionals (Vag4You) to 87KM (graph in the photo) and 183Nm.
Last year (2022) I had two very minor COLLISIONS (not accidents), both not my fault, practically in the same place - left front. There are slight scratches on the left wheel arch (fender) and the front bumper (see photos).
As a result of one of them, the left end of the steering rod was additionally damaged, and therefore there is a record of significant damage in the vehicle's history. Nevertheless, the damage was not significant. I have pictures for those interested.
The most important services:
- 02.2022 - oil service at the mileage of 286,268 km
- 11.2021 - replacement of engine mounts
- 10.2021 - replacement of the wheel bearing
- 04.2021 - replacement of the windshield (insurance) due to chipping after a stone hit
- 11.2020 - replacement of the door sill plating along with painting
- 10.2020 - purchase of 15' alloy wheels and new GoodYear all-season tires
- 06.2020 - replacement of several front suspension elements, replacement of rear brake drums
- 2018 - repair of the gearbox and replacement of the clutch at a mileage of about 265k km
This is my second car, mainly used for commuting to work. In times of COVID, very little was driven.
I will be happy to answer questions or send more photos. Any form of contact.

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