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2016' Skoda Octavia III 1.6 TDI-CR

2016' Skoda Octavia III 1.6 TDI-CR photo #1
2016' Skoda Octavia III 1.6 TDI-CR photo #2
2016' Skoda Octavia III 1.6 TDI-CR photo #3
2016' Skoda Octavia III 1.6 TDI-CR photo #4
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Body: Sedan - 5 doors, 5 places
Condition: Good
Previous owners: 1
Age: 8 years
Mileage: 210024 km
Power: 110 hp
Displacement: 1598 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual, 6 gears
Interior: Power Door Locks, Power Steering
Safety: Antilock Brakes, Driver Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag

Bankruptcy proceedings file reference number: PO1P/GUp-s/1733/2023

Poznań, 01/02/2024
This offer is an extract from the Terms of Sale. Full Terms of Sale can be obtained
by phone: 573 424 336 or by e-mail: {censored}

Kacper Kostrzewa, acting as the trustee of the bankruptcy estate of a natural person not running a business, Alberto De Serio, informs about the ongoing private sale of movable property constituting a component of the bankruptcy estate.

The subject of the sale is a passenger car of the brand: Skoda, model: Octavia III 1.6 TDI-CR MR'13 E6, year of production: 2016, version: Ambition, VIN number: TMBJG9NEXH0027792 (hereinafter "Vehicle")

The vehicle was described and valued in the Appraiser's Opinion No. E-59/24 of January 29, 2024 (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinion")
The opinion is available for inspection at the Receiver's Office [ul. Obornicka 330; 60-689 Poznań]. The trustee may also provide the Opinion electronically.

The starting price of the Vehicle is PLN 30,900.00 [in words: thirty thousand nine hundred zlotys 00/100] gross. Sales are not subject to VAT, and the PCC tax is fully borne by the buyer. The warranty for physical and legal defects is excluded.

Offers should be submitted by registered mail to the address of the Receiver's Office: Pretium sp. z o.o. street Obornicka 330, 60-689 Poznań. Offers are considered submitted on time if they are received by the Receiver's Office by
March 15, 2023 inclusive. The date of receipt of the offer by the Receiver's Office is decisive. An offer received after the deadline or which does not meet the Conditions will not be considered.

The offer together with the required documents should be placed in a closed envelope, which should be placed in another larger envelope. Each envelope should contain the note "DO NOT OPEN, offer for the purchase of movable property, reference no. file PO1P/GUp-s/1733/2023”.

The condition for participation in the tender/auction is to pay a deposit of PLN 3,000.00 [in words: three thousand zlotys].

The offers will be opened on March 19, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. at the Receiver's Office: ul. Obornicka 330, 60-689 Poznań without the participation of bidders.

If more than one offer is submitted that meets the formal conditions of the tender, the Trustee will order an auction (oral tender) via an application enabling online videoconferencing on a date set by him, about which he will notify the bidders whose offers were not rejected by e-mail to the following address: e-mail address indicated in the offers, under the following conditions:

Detailed information is provided by the Trustee (Pretium Sp. z o. o. based in Warsaw).
Contact tel. 573 424 336, email: {censored}

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  • Biuro Syndyka
  • Poznan
  • 7 February 2024
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