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2005' Smart Fortwo & Pure

2005' Smart Fortwo & Pure photo #1
2005' Smart Fortwo & Pure photo #2
2005' Smart Fortwo & Pure photo #3
2005' Smart Fortwo & Pure photo #4
2005' Smart Fortwo & Pure photo #5
2005' Smart Fortwo & Pure photo #6
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Age: 18 years
Mileage: 218000 km
Displacement: 698 cc
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Black
Interior: Air Conditioning, Power Mirrors
Safety: Antilock Brakes

SMART FORTWO 2005 0.7l 60km
Smart has been very well received by the market,
because it has an attractive silhouette and, of course, urban values.
With Smart you can easily park perpendicularly where other cars are parked in parallel,
because the body length is only 2.5 meters.
The design of Smart is quite interesting.
The entire body is, in a sense, a safety cage (Tridion).
Security? Contrary to appearances, it is at a good level,
although the Smart is devoid of crumple zones as such.
Its shell does not deform, and the entire vehicle bounces off the obstacle in the event of an impact.
Only small-capacity, turbocharged three-cylinder engines were installed under the floor of the Smart Fortwo,
our model has a 0.7l engine with a power of 60 HP and an automatic gearbox. Freshly replaced operating fluids, oil and all filters.
Smart looks very good from the outside, the freshly polished body, aluminum rims and tinted windows give the little one a bold look.
And what's inside? Clean and fragrant. Surprisingly a lot of space - of course only for two people. Due to the size of the car, the air conditioning cools it very well,
in winter we will also appreciate the quickly warming up agent. Electric windows and mirrors are standard, as are ABS and a very well-functioning ESP system. (you don't have to be afraid of rear drive)
To sum up - Smart ForTwo is the perfect car for the city, small, agile and, when necessary, surprisingly fast.
Smart registered and insured in Poland
Mileage: +/- 218887km
Price 9,500,- negotiable.

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