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2007' Suzuki Grand Vitara

2007' Suzuki Grand Vitara photo #1
2007' Suzuki Grand Vitara photo #2
2007' Suzuki Grand Vitara photo #3
2007' Suzuki Grand Vitara photo #4
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Age: 16 years
Mileage: 93000 km
Displacement: 1586 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Black

Offer dedicated to professional sellers: PKD 45.11.Z - Wholesale and retail sale of passenger cars and vans.
In the case of retail sale, the price of the car is increased by the cost of the one-year warranty.
The sales standard created with transaction safety, user satisfaction and respect for mutual relations in relation to individual customers in mind provides for the delivery of the car only with a one-year warranty, covering all components:
---Workshop Repair:
***Exhaust gas recirculation systems: (DPF/FAP filters, EGR valve and AdBlue tank)
***Engine host computer (electronic faults with programming)
***Engine suspension (engine mounts)
***Gearbox Suspension (Gearbox Cushions)
*** Drive shaft (with body, support, and support bearing)
***Driving axle (with axle housing and final drive)
***Drive shaft (shaft with wheel hub, joint and bearing)
*** Ignition system (plugs, apparatus, ignition coils and ignition switch)
***Intake system (throttle, manifold and flow meter)
***Brake system (without consumables, e.g. pads)
***Cooling system (including water cooler, fan, thermostat)
***Power steering (with power steering pump, steering gear and column)
***Fuel pump (rotary, impeller, electric pumps)
***Starter (e.g. gears, housings, satellites)
***Alternator (e.g. stator, rotor, brushes)
In the event of a failure of the above elements, the fault is removed in a nationwide network of workshops cooperating with the Guarantor.
Answering frequently asked questions:
1. The car directly from the owner (no intermediary agreements means full transparency and transaction security)
2. Authentic mileage - included in the sales document.
3. A car without accidents, where the elements responsible for safety were never damaged.
4. Sales are based on a VAT-margin invoice.
For those interested in the car, I recommend reading the links below to make sure that we are dealing with a non-accident car with a documented mileage (I consider this topic closed).
CEPiK verification data:
VIN: JSAJTA74V00212229
Registration number: PKN5306F
Date of first registration: 24/08/2007
Inspection of the car is possible after prior telephone contact to determine the status (availability) of the vehicle

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