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2016' Toyota Avalon

2016' Toyota Avalon photo #1
2016' Toyota Avalon photo #2
2016' Toyota Avalon photo #3
2016' Toyota Avalon photo #4
2016' Toyota Avalon photo #5
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Body: Sedan
Age: 8 years
Mileage: 189000 km
Displacement: 2500 cc
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: White

"Unique Jewel on Wheels"
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Do you dream of something more than just driving a car?
Do you want your vehicle to attract attention and arouse admiration wherever it goes?
Do you want to feel good in it and express your style in a unique and individual way?
If so, I have something special for you!
Unique on Polish roads and a one-of-a-kind car from South Carolina, it is ready for a new adventure.
It's not just a car - it's a work of art gliding along the roads. Its individual character
and unique design make every trip an unforgettable experience.
Car description:
• Model: [Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited – top version]
• Year of production: [2016 for me from 2017]
• Mileage: [185 thousand]
• Color: [Pearl White]
• Unique features: [Individual Design, 200 HP, fuel consumption approx. 5.5l/100km, over 1000 km on one tank, luxurious interior equipment]
Why is this car special?
This is no ordinary vehicle. It is the definition of style, power and individuality. Its powerful engine (2.5l/petrol + electric drive) fuels your dreams of freedom and adventure,
and the luxurious interior ensures the highest travel comfort.
It's not just a car - it's your way of expressing yourself.
What you can expect:
• Top quality and unique design
• Massive power under the hood
• Adventure at every kilometer
• An eye-catching magnet on the road
• Incredible comfort and silence in the interior on long journeys
Why is it worth having?
This car is not just a means of transport - it is a manifestation of your unique lifestyle. This is a unique opportunity to take control of your dreams.
Thanks to my love for it, it is in perfect condition and only requires a warm touch and constant care to keep it shining in the sun.
If you are ready for the unique journey of your life and want to stand out on the roads,
then this car is for you.
Don't miss this chance to own something truly unique.
Contact us now to find out more!
VAT invoice possible
Watch the attached video to which I have selected pleasant music, and then make an appointment and see this unique car with your own eyes.
Let your dreams of owning a unique car and an unforgettable journey with it become a reality.
Be part of its further future!

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  • 21 March 2024
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