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2005' Toyota RAV4

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Published 23 June 2024ID: iFkOPo

Information from the owner

Age: 19 years
Mileage: 318555 km
Displacement: 1995 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Silver

Seller's comments about 2005' Toyota RAV4

Good morning, Today I have a beautiful Toyota RAV4 for sale. I have been the first owner in the country since 2017. The car has previously been used for private purposes. Mileage in mixed cycles and trips for holidays and vacations. The car is well-kept and in almost perfect condition. All repairs were carried out on time, with emphasis on driving safety, as small children traveled in the car every day. Currently, the car does not require any financial contribution and you can drive it home safely. The most important data from the history of my use of the car: - first registration in the country: November 23, 2017, - vehicle card confirming me as the first owner in the country, - documents from Belgium from the first owner, - documents confirming registration in Poland, - December 2017 replacement of timing belt, water pump, brake discs and pads (front), bearings, oil (5W30), air filters, fuel, oil, cabin, regeneration of the handbrake cable clamp (mileage 226,000 km), - 06/2018 gluing - repair of the windshield (a chip occurred on the way to Kielce, lifetime warranty for glass replacement based on the repair receipt) - 06/2018 replacement of rear suspension springs, stabilizer link (mileage 238,000 km), - October 2018 replacement of brake discs and pads - rear (mileage 243,000 km), - 02/2020 clutch slave cylinder replacement (mileage 258,000 km), - 07/2020 replacing multi-grooved belts, checking the braking system, - September 2020 service replacement of the steering wheel airbag inflator, TOYOTA Kielce Dealership (mileage 265,000 km), - 07/2021 inspection of the braking and suspension system, replacement of brake pads (mileage 279,000 km), - November 2021 replacement of front and rear stabilizer links, stabilizer rubbers, shock absorber cover, filters, brake discs and pads, oil in the gearbox, replacement of SCV valves in the fuel pump, cleaning of the EGR valve (mileage 286,000 km), - December 2021 replacement of the gearbox with oil, replacement of the complete V-gear (mileage 287,000 km), - 01/2022 battery replacement (VARTA) - 11/2022 last oil change (5W30) and filters - July 2023 repair of the ABS ring of the rear left wheel, repair of calipers and caliper guides (mileage 315,000 km). For all repairs, I have documents confirming that the service was performed in two trusted car workshops in Skarżysko-Kamienna and Kielce (specializing in Toyota and Lexus cars). The car has two sets of tires (summer Nokian SUV line, winter Bridgestone). In 2021, the factory radio was replaced with a modern radio with Android. The radio allows you to use applications such as Yanosik, Google Maps, TIDAL, YouTube, etc. Additionally, it makes parking easier thanks to the included camera connected to the reverse gear. At the same time, Viofo A129 cameras were installed to record road and parking incidents. The cameras (front and rear) have a parking mode, so you can record all parking events, even though the ignition is off. The car is in constant operation. Inspection valid until November 18, 2024. Insurance valid until December 3, 2024. The change of car was dictated by the enlargement of the family and the purchase of a larger car. I invite you to inspect and check it out. The car can be viewed in Skarżysko-Kamienna after prior telephone contact.

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