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1999' Volkswagen New Beetle

1999' Volkswagen New Beetle photo #1
1999' Volkswagen New Beetle photo #2
1999' Volkswagen New Beetle photo #3
1999' Volkswagen New Beetle photo #4
1999' Volkswagen New Beetle photo #5
1999' Volkswagen New Beetle photo #6
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Age: 24 years
Mileage: 179130 km
Displacement: 1984 cc
Transmission: Manual
Exterior: Nerf Bars, New Tires
Electronics: Integrated Phone

Good morning.
New Beetle was purchased by me in 2015. I am the first owner in Poland. It was brought by a commission shop in Kielce in 2014. from Belgium. It was in commission for a year because the commission price was PLN 32,000 at that time. Two ladies have used it since new. One in Belgium and the other in Poland. Throughout this time, the Beetle was used only in Krakow. Unfortunately, it has abrasions on the bumpers because it is parked outdoors all the time and often in parking lots in front of shopping malls. The damage was not repaired because the perpetrators did not leave a note with the phone.
Considering its 24 years old, the Beetle is still worth investing in for a new owner. Of course, it has shortcomings like every Beetle.
The entire body and every element has never been painted! The car is original!
The paint has never even been polished and it still looks good considering its age.
Of course, it requires correction and cosmetics.
In 2018 the thresholds have been completely replaced. The replacement and maintenance costs amounted to PLN 4,500.
The current and original mileage from new is 179,000 thousand km.
One person has been driving the car for the last eight years.
There was no smoking in the car.
Garbus has a valid third party liability insurance policy until January 2024 and a registration inspection.
Currently, it is equipped with almost new Brigistone Ecopia EPI 150 summer tires - the cost of 1 new tire is PLN 350.
I also have new Dębica Frigo HP2 winter tires, but I will add them to the car if I sell them for a reasonable price.
Currently in need of repair or replacement:
1. 10w40 engine oil and oil filter
2. Spark plugs
3. Need to replace the headliner that came off this summer
4. Replacing a burnt catalzar.
From 2020 the following components have been replaced or repaired:
1. In July 2023 brake pads and brake discs front and rear were replaced and the brake fluid was changed (cost PLN 1,200)
2. In 2020 middle and final silencers have been changed (cost PLN 900)
3. In 2021 replaced front and rear lambda sensors (cost PLN 700)
4. In 2023 the heater has been replaced (the cost of a new one and replacement is PLN 1,200 in total!)
5. 2019 changed battery (PLN 350)
6. In 2018 the frets were completely replaced and preserved. Unfortunately, there are 3 current dents on the bottom of the thresholds from the curbs (the cost was PLN 4,500)
7. In 2023 Throttle cleaning (PLN 200)
8. In 2021 alternator and starter repair (PLN 850)
9/2020 Handbrake cables (PLN 500)
10/2023 repaired and changed elements of the selector and gearbox cable mounting (PLN 700)
11/2022 Changed MC Persona upper cushions in the front (PLN 500)
12. In 2018 The rear shock absorbers have been replaced.
13. In 2017 complete timing belt replaced, mileage approx. 125,000 thousand km.
(easily 20,000 km until the next replacement)
14. In June 2023 changed air and cabin filter.
15. In 2020 The clutch, pressure plate and oil in the gearbox were completely replaced (cost PLN 900).
The suspension had its ends and knobs regularly repaired. There is no knocking noise from the chassis.
The check engine light is on, indicating that the catalytic converter has been replaced. The car works normally, there are no interruptions, no jerking, the exhaust gas analysis is also OK, the standards are slightly exceeded due to the catalytic converter burning out. The cost of purchasing and replacing a new catalytic converter is PLN 800, depending on the workshop.
I have two car keys.
New Beetle available for viewing in the Na Skarpie housing estate in Nowa Huta.
The price is negotiable and I will add four new Dębica Frigo HP2 winter tires if the sale amount is good.
The announcement is private.
Please contact me by phone: <div id="hiddenPhoneNumber" phoneNumber="691 455561"></div>

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  • Krakow
  • 16 October 2023
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