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2005' Volkswagen Touareg

6 photos
Age: 17 years
Mileage: 270000 km
Displacement: 2967 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Black

Touareg - a tribe that wandered the desert sands of the Sahara. Volkswagen allows you to travel gravel roads in comfort as easily and pleasantly as asphalt highways.

The car was first registered on December 7, 2005. in Germany. In Poland, it has been used by one owner since April 16, 2010. The model that I decide to hand over to the next owner after many years, thanks to its rich equipment, made every journey more enjoyable. The engine, a turbocharged V6 diesel with a capacity of 3.0l, generating 224KM allows you to easily move the Touareg from the muddy ground, and on the route generates acceleration that causes a pleasant thrill. The comfortable leather seats are electrically adjustable in many directions, also in the section with lumbar support, which makes it possible to ergonomically cover even very long distances. In winter, the option of heating the seats with up to 5-level temperature regulation will come in handy! Comfort in all driving conditions is enhanced by the automatic 7-speed gearbox with the option of sporty driving and tip-tronic. On more difficult routes, the ability to adjust the drivetrain and suspension will certainly come in handy. Cruise control will certainly be used on each of the routes. A wide sunroof that opens in two planes will serve to feel the wind in your hair. Interesting additions include a CD changer in the trunk that can accommodate 7 discs, although today it is rather a retro accessory, it is still useful to me. The built-in telephone is also a sure sign of the CD era. Smartphone connection is possible thanks to AUX connector with very good sound quality! In places where the Internet fails, the built-in GPS navigation with a nice interface will help. Driving at night is extremely pleasant not only because of the aforementioned advantages, but above all thanks to the adaptive halogen headlights that perfectly illuminate every corner! Driving in the rain does not cause discomfort, as the sensor properly adjusts the automatic wipers. The complete list of car accessories can be viewed below.

This particular Toureg is worth more attention than other models on the market, not only because of the equipment, but above all because it is very well maintained, as shown in the pictures. The car is protected against rust and has no significant paint damage. 18 '' alloy wheels are in perfect condition. In addition, I offer a second set of identical rims with typical city damage with winter tires included in the price of the car!

It is difficult to reflect the uniqueness of the offered car just by writing about it. If you are interested in the offer, please contact us to experience driving this great car!

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