2023 Audi A6 Facelift Makes Spy Debut, Is That a Smaller Grille or Is It Cold Outside?

1 year, 2 months ago - 24 November 2021, autocar
2023 Audi A6 Facelift Makes Spy Debut, Is That a Smaller Grille or Is It Cold Outside?
It literally feels like Audi just presented the current A6, but they did so back in 2018, and you know what this means. That’s right, it’s time for the four-ring brand’s executive car to go under the knife.

Our spy photographers snapped the first prototype in the open, casually driving on Germany’s public roads. And if it wasn’t for the thick camouflage covering the front and rear ends, it might have flown under the radar, because the changes are very discreet for the most part.

One thing that caught our attention is the grille, which appears to be a hair smaller. If that’s the case, then Audi cares that most people aren’t necessarily fond of oversized grilles (hear that, BMW?). Nonetheless, it could be some camo trickery, because it wouldn’t make much sense to reshape the grille of the facelifted iteration, and we’re tempted to go with this option.

Flanking it are the new headlamps that still sport the same integrated DRL signature. The front bumper was also tweaked, and so was the rear one, which is a bit more aggressive than before. Look under it, and you will see the car's breath, meaning that it will feature fake exhaust tips. If it’s one thing that doesn’t seem to have changed here yet, that’s the taillight signature, though the vinyl stickers might be doing their job.

We might expect a few changes when it comes to the interior, such as new software for the infotainment system and perhaps new upholstery options. It’s too early to tell whether they will update the powertrain family, but we will find out more about it as the unveiling date approaches. Speaking of which, the facelifted A6 might premiere in the second half of next year in the Sedan and Avant body styles, followed by the Allroad, S6, and RS 6 later on, with the latter still reserved for the estate. 

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