Ford Focus Pulled Over For Carrying Peugeot 206 CC On Its Roof

1 year, 8 months ago - 16 May 2021, Motor1
Ford Focus Pulled Over For Carrying Peugeot 206 CC On Its Roof
The illegal double-decker.

Located 29 miles northeast of Bratislava, Trnava is a city in western Slovakia with a beautiful historic center that has earned it the "Little Rome" title. It's also the place where the local police pulled over a first-generation, pre-facelift Ford Focus for carrying an entire car (well, almost) on its roof. It happened earlier this week on a bypass road where the Blue Oval's wagon was spotted illegally hauling a Peugeot 206 CC.

Drivers alerted the authorities about the unusual double-decker and it didn't take too long until the rusty ol' Focus was stopped. The official Facebook account belonging to the local police says five people were inside the car as if the heavy load on the poor wagon's roof wasn't enough. It goes without saying the man behind the wheel lost his license, along with the license plates and vehicle registration papers.

The little French hardtop convertible has certainly seen better days. It was missing the wheels, headlights, front bumper, and grille, along with the windows, mirrors, and the passenger-side taillight. The two-seater 206 cabrio showed visible signs of fire damage and its exhaust was dangling from the underside.

According to the police, those inside the Focus had just bought the Peugeot wreck and were transporting it back home. It's safe to assume the Ford wasn't in tip-top shape either – perhaps even unsafe for public roads – considering how much the rear suspension had to endure. The side mirrors seem to be sitting in place using duct tape while the front fender on the passenger side is being gradually devoured by rust.   

It's quite easy to imagine a worst-case scenario à la Final Destination, with the Focus driver slamming hard on the brakes and the Peugeot flying off the roof and smashing into another car. Thankfully, that didn't happen as the police acted swiftly after being alerted by traffic participants about the two-story vehicular contraption.

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