Humble Kia Picanto Photobombs Mesmerizing CLK GTR, 911 GT1, and F1 Unicorn Shoot

1 year, 6 months ago - 13 May 2021, autoevolution
Humble Kia Picanto Photobombs Mesmerizing CLK GTR, 911 GT1, and F1 Unicorn Shoot
A very short stint during the 1990s paved the way for some of the most memorable cars that ever walked on Planet Earth, courtesy of the GT1 class of sports car racing and the motorsport rules of mandatory street-legal versions for homologation purposes.

Thus, a series of hypercar unicorns appeared for the pride and joy of a select few, as well as the dreams of many more car aficionados.

Among them we could easily name the 1992 McLaren F1 by the great Gordon Murray, the 911 GT1 Straßenversion (literally, Street Version) by the supremely great Porsche AG, as well as the 1997 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR by the... you guessed, the ultra-great Mercedes-AMG.

The reason we particularly mention this trio is pretty much obvious, since these rarities are also the focus of the Instagram channel carlifestyle. According to the rather slim description and the more revealing hashtags, the trio of silver legends belongs to a British company called DK Engineering, which occupies its time with premium sales, service, restoration, and storage of such icons and others alike.

Initially, we had no idea why the CLK GTR, 911 GT1, and F1 assembled like the mighty Avengers at a Shell gas and service station in Chorleywood (Hertfordshire, England) aside from wondering about the astronomic gas prices shown on the lightboard.

But the mystery was quickly solved by DK Engineering’s own post (also embedded below), and it turned out that it was all in preparation for a one-of-a-kind shoot for Classic Driver.

One could say this was quite unique thanks to the nice color matching (and the fact these are considered unicorn hypercars), but it turns out that it also applies to the fact that in one of the last stills there’s also a bespoke appearance by a very blue Kia Picanto.

Naturally, it wasn’t present in the feature that appeared in the Classic Driver gallery, but it somehow escaped the vigilant eye of the organizers. It was there probably for us to wonder at how come the smallish second-generation city car manages to look as if it's towering above all three of these flat-six, V8, and V12 monsters...

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