New Citroen C5 Spied With Unconventional Shape

3 years, 1 month ago - 20 January 2021, Motor1
New Citroen C5 Spied With Unconventional Shape
Good news! Europe's D-segment is not dead.

Approximately three years ago, Citroen said the successor of the C5 will have an unconventional shape and will basically "reinvent" the traditional sedan. At the time, the automaker didn't share much but said the production model will draw inspiration from the fabulous Cxperience Concept. Today, finally, we can share the first spy photos of the next-generation C5, showing what Citroen had in mind.

Not to be confused with the C5 Aircross, the new Citroen C5 is now under development and the photos in the gallery below show a prototype testing on public roads in Germany. We may be missing something but it seems that the French vehicle is already rolling with a production body and lights. Also, there seem to be no fake body panels.

From what we see so far, Citroen is keeping its promise and the new C5 will have a very unique shape. It's not exactly a station wagon, and it's not exactly a hatchback. It's definitely not a sedan, too. The mix between different body styles gives the new C5 a prominent profile and the first impressions are for a large and comfortable car.

It's worth noting that there seems to be a strong visual connection between the production model and the concept from a few years ago (see above). This holds true especially at the back where the taillights appear to have a very similar shape. It'll be very interesting to see whether that fat D-pillar has a large window like on the Cxperience Concept (see photos below). All in all, it looks quite promising so far.

Under the skin, the new C5 will ride on PSA Group's EMP2 platform which will allow the French marque to use electrified powertrains. Word on the street is the engine range won't include a diesel engine but two plug-in powertrains should be available right from day one. We'll know more very soon.

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