Next-Gen Mitsubishi Outlander Teased Ahead Of February 2021 Debut

2 years, 1 month ago - 14 December 2020, Motor1
Next-Gen Mitsubishi Outlander Teased Ahead Of February 2021 Debut
The dark shadows fail to hide its bold front-end design.

Mitsubishi teased the next-generation Outlander today, one day after clear images of the SUV leaked online. The shadowed teaser (lightened above for clarity) confirms its bold split-headlight front-end design. The Japanese term "I-Fu-Do-Do," meaning authentic and majestic, guided the development, and we can confirm the design is certainly authentic.

However, for as bold as the design is, which bears a strong resemblance to last year's Engelberg Tourer concept, it feels like a natural evolution of the car's current design. The chrome accents continue, bigger than ever, separating the headlights from the rest of the front fascia. Thin-slit daytime running lights sit high on the SUV's face along the leading edge of the hood. The teaser also confirms the hood's downward kink toward the base of the windshield, while the side features a sharp body line cutting through the door handles to the rear taillight.

The evolutionary design, which appears quite reserved at the rear, will cover a much larger Outlander than the current one available. Rumors continue to suggest that the new model will ride on the same platform as the new Nissan Rogue, with Mitsubishi pillaging Nissan's stock for an engine, too, thanks to their shared alliance. The current Outlander PHEV is one of the more popular PHEV models available, and the company is expected to offer one for the upcoming fourth-gen offering.

One area that should see a vast improvement is the Outlander's interior. The automaker hasn't teased it yet, though the Engelberg Tourer's interior looked production-ready with a clean design, a large infotainment screen, and a much more upscale appearance. There's a high likelihood the production interior will be similar in its design, which it could tease ahead of its February 2021 debut. The Outlander's larger size and a thorough update will likely see the price tick upward, something that could have easily spoiled a Texas man's calculated trade of a 2020 Corvette C8 for a 2020 Outlander.

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