Volvo And Scania Battle In A Heavy Duty Truck Drag Race

1 year, 4 months ago - 21 July 2021, Motor1
Volvo And Scania Battle In A Heavy Duty Truck Drag Race
When the smallest contender has a 5.0-liter engine.

Being a UK-based media channel, Carwow used the more European meaning of the word truck when naming its latest video on YouTube. The 13-minute video shows us three lorries going against each other on the drag strip. It’s definitely not the most exciting drag race we’ve seen but still, there’s plenty to be seen.

Let’s start with the numbers first. On the far right is a Scania Skiploader skip lorry with a 9.0-liter diesel engine with 250 horsepower (186 kilowatts). Next to it is a Volvo concrete pump truck with a significantly smaller 5.0-liter engine, though its exact output is not specified in the video. However, the Volvo is a whole five tonnes lighter than the trucks on either side. Finally, Mat Watson is driving a Scania grab lorry equipped with a 9.0-liter engine developing 280 hp (209 kW).

Honestly, this is not the most accurately made drag race but obviously, it is just for entertainment purposes rather than in the name of science. In the end, though, there’s one fair and more precise race that determines the winner in this drag race.

Obviously, we won’t tell you which of the big rig won the race and spoil the whole fun. However, we’ll happily share the quarter-mile time of the winner - 29.8 seconds, which is more than three times the record time for Carwow registered by the Rimac Nevera. Again, not the fastest and most exciting race but still a very interesting one to watch.

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