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2013' Audi A4

5 photos
Body: Wagon
Mileage: 298000 km
Displacement: 1984 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Silver

Hello, I have this car for 6 years, I am selling it due to the need to buy a larger van. I bought it from the first owner in Poland (he had it for 3 years). The car is very comfortable, drives very well, the dynamic engine and 7-speed gearbox are a very good combination. On the highway, at 7th gear and 150km / h, the engine runs at low speed for petrol and fuel consumption is 8-10l / 100km. Dynamic overtaking is a pleasure thanks to the double-clutch transmission. This is the best car I have had.

The car has very good equipment, for me the most important ones:

- 4x4 pages

- active bixenons (they position themselves at bends, pure pleasure of traveling at night)

- mmi 3g + (bt, music videos etc)

- radars, belt assistants, active temp

- leather

- automatic tailgate

During this period of 6 years, I replaced the clutch discs twice (the last time was about 260k + dual mass + additionally the timing). The car, of course, from the year after these scandals related to the consumption of tfsi oil. Only recently the problem with the oil is that somewhere under the bowl it is dripping (photo) so it would have to be fixed, as for the last months I have been driving it sporadically, I have not looked at it. 3 years ago, I replaced the exhaust manifold (in this engine, the original one often has a crack and the turbo goes crazy) and regenerated the turbo.

Currently worn annual winter tires (summer, after the season I threw them into the trash)

Original rims but need refreshing.

A year ago I got a kiss on the back and had to replace the bumper and the hatch. The bumper grips were broken, so it doesn't fit well (Photo), and one muffler was slightly hidden in the bumper. In addition, in the photos I showed where the rust comes out, the mask is broken with stones. There is a broken sun visor handle inside (photo).

You can come with a tester, the car has never had a major collision.

The car will drive for a long time if you pay attention to the oil and filters (change every 10-12k).

A very simple engine to use, a few sensors (easy to replace and cheap), the timing can also be bought at a good price.

A car with actual mileage, if you believe in 100k mileage, someone would have to do 800km per month. The German is definitely buying a big car to drive to the corner store :) Regards

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  • Krakow
  • 12 May 2022
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