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1996' BMW 3 Series

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Published 6 June 2024ID: Bnb2Kw

Information from the owner

Age: 28 years
Mileage: 100400 km
Displacement: 1596 cc
Fuel: LPG
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: White
Interior: Air Conditioning

Seller's comments about 1996' BMW 3 Series

Hello, I am selling a private BMW E36 Compact 1.6 iA + LPG. I use the car occasionally, as the third car in the family since 2019. The car drives great, despite its age it is in very good technical condition. The sequential LPG installation was installed in 2020 . 12,000 km have been traveled since then. There were and are no problems with it. The car is unique thanks to the condition it is in and its configuration (colors). It often attracts the attention of passers-by and drivers. Equipment: - sunroof, - air conditioning, - automatic transmission. Within five years of operation, the following were replaced: - battery (2 years ago), - ignition cables + spark plugs (1 year ago), - engine oil + oil/air filter (every 12 months), - oil + filter in the gearbox. I include two sets of aluminum rims with tires in good condition: Winter: 15" rims with Continental Winter Contact TS860 185/65 R15 T tread ~7/8 [mm] - the set was bought new in 2019 for which I have a receipt, Summer: 16" rims with MICHELIN Energy Saver 205/55 R16 tires, tread ~5-5.5 [mm] The car underwent chassis maintenance in 2018 by the German company "Schuster & Ludwig" - you can search in the browser, there are photos in the BMW gallery from the implementation of this car. I also have invoices and photo documentation before and after the maintenance service. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Please contact me by phone. I invite you to the inspection. Regards, Tomasz

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