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2008' Fiat Bravo Sport

3 photos
Mileage: 294000 km
Displacement: 1368 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Black

Hello, I have a Fiat Bravo 2 1.4 150km for sale in a stylistic version and a real sport version (with a button that gives more power)

The car sells with a heartache because I have decided to move

From Poland to Great Britain, there is a steering wheel on the 2nd side.

As I am moving out of PL in the coming weeks, hence the price. Welcome


I put up at such a price that I sell, not sell.

The car was made for itself to serve for years, without Januszowanie

After a full renovation, the engine is like new and it does not use any oil

Replaced the timing with the pump

Oil has been changed 3 times since renovation

In addition to the red and black seats typical of the sports version, the driver's seat has lumbar adjustments, and the passenger seat has a storage compartment under the seat, which is quite rare.

The car of course, as you can see in the pictures, has:

also a rear bumper with a cut for the exhaust pipe

armrest in the rear seat,

dusk sensor,

sports clocks other than in the typical version,

illuminated door handles all 4,

hill holder,

cruise control,

2-zone air conditioning

- aluminium rims

- original red calipers

- the car was not beaten, only the right threshold was repaired

The car underwent an engine overhaul over 4,000 km ago, i.e. the head, valves, cylinder honing, piston rings, etc., because it had a damaged gasket under the head and I did everything that was next to the engine (including the engine itself, manifold, turbocharger, flushing the cooling system, pillow gearbox I gave PLN 7,000)

So in conclusion, apart from the engine, it was replaced

-turbo for a remanufactured 1800 warranty for no 12 months

-Collector for PLN 900, almost like new condition

-the whole set of silencers (2 silencers and braid) for 750

-right lamp for a new one because the previous one at the car wash and in the rain it caught moisture and was dull

- the timing water pump was also replaced during the engine overhaul

- oil changed 3 times with oil filter last change 900km ago

The driver's sun visor was also replaced with a new one, because it dropped PLN 350

- new windshield not scratched yet the previous one was terribly scratched, especially in the dark or in the sun, plus small splinters from the highway, I replaced it immediately after purchase

The car is currently on winter tires and I also have summer tires (they are in the basement in 2017 in good condition) I did not have time to replace it and so after the purchase it was at the mechanic's about 2 weeks plus glass replacement

And now what should be done in the car:

-Rear brakes as soon as possible, i.e. pads, discs,

the front is ok, the discs will still be for the 1st replacement of the pads

- the last thing in the future, because probably in about a year, maybe half will be to do, depending on how much you drive, it is a two-mass and a clutch max 2100, it should cost you with labor and maybe even less in workshops in a smaller town than a boat (for this I reduce the amount so significantly for sure some minor negotiation will also be included)

I recently traveled to Gdańsk and Wrocław by car without any problems

Still in use every day

1 registration 22.11.2007

valid until 04.2023

a review 02.2023

When it comes to corrosion, it's good, you know it's a dozen-year-old car, but I think when I look at other Fiats it's very good, moreover, you can see in the photos that a nice condition and, importantly, the paint does not come off

Car currently used on a daily basis. To see in Łódź

I consider the price to be appropriate, of course, you can negotiate slightly for possible repairs

How easy it is to count, and so I come to the minus ...

When you buy this car, you have a car that will last for many years and the engine is like new

I am the 2nd owner in the country

I WILL ASK FOR A SMS !! / I often can't pick up if I call back

Price is negotiable

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  • Lodz
  • 22 June 2022
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