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2006' Honda Accord

2006' Honda Accord photo #1
2006' Honda Accord photo #2
2006' Honda Accord photo #3
2006' Honda Accord photo #4
2006' Honda Accord photo #5
2006' Honda Accord photo #6
6 photos
Body: Sedan
Age: 17 years
Mileage: 295000 km
Displacement: 2204 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Black

Hello. I have a two year old car for sale. The car is well maintained, the battery is good, the engine runs smoothly, the suspension is also in good condition. No smoking in the car, good speakers installed. OC valid until March 2024. Car on 17th rims
Gives 3 tires unfortunately 4 broke
I do not take the booster to music, it stays in the car
The air conditioning worked
The cruise control works
And now about the minuses they are also:
- The car was after a small accident in front. It was slightly damaged (see photos) not noticeable
- in the work of the door in the front, a small scratch of the varnish (also visible in the photos)
- In April, the inspection will end (the car will pass the inspection without a problem)
- the bearing on the left side on the rear wheel needs to be replaced (if you drive more than 80 km per hour there is noise) but it does not interfere with driving
- rope for opening the mask for the exchange
- handbrake cable also to be replaced
- the button to open the trunk sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't
In my opinion, these are not big problems, everything can be handled in one day. I am not interested in these fixes as the car is for sale.
People who "will take a tenner" please do not contact me. Waste of my and your time.
The car will last a long time. Interested please contact.
More photos or information please call or text.

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