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2003' Hyundai Terracan 2.9 Crdi High

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Published 3 June 2024ID: QqtDcG

Information from the owner

Age: 21 years
Mileage: 249900 km
Displacement: 2902 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Silver
Exterior: Luggage Rack

Seller's comments about 2003' Hyundai Terracan 2.9 Crdi High

Terracan 150PS (110kW) CRDi, Automatic, wood, leather, sunroof.Hyundai with automatic 4x4 selector, but with an added option (USEL) to select the 4x4 Hi drive (without reduction gear), and with rear-wheel drive only.Terrek imported in 2013 by the previous owner as a 10-year-old car and until December 2020 it was in the same hands as a normal civilian car without modifications. The car was raised by 2 inches on the best Pedders suspension imported from Australia (anti-cavitation shock absorbers 9551 and 9599 + springs 7748 https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=-x9r6VqbGrg&t=42s) 4 chassis covers installed (4 powder-coated steel plates with the Terracan logo). Strong 2.8 T hook with a vertical load of 115 kg - a nice option for carrying the motorcycle on a hanger. Snorkel. Winch mounted on dedicated Heavy Cruiser mounting plate for the model. It has a cut-off (Hebel) in the cabin near the gears! Roof rack: OEM adjustable beams (removed and included in the set). H7 LED and LED BAR lamps at the front + LEDs not mounted (several side and on the rear) for assembly - the installation is pulled up with the controller, relays and illuminated buttons in the cabin near the jack. I made a decent steel base on the roof (mounted on stainless steel railings) for the platform - a grid made of wide, thin-walled ALU profiles. A lot of accessories in the trunk for trips to forest in the mud (belts, ropes, lift, blocks, etc.), never used, because plans for family off-road tourism went... to the forest :(I am giving away 3 sets of wheels!: 1. For mud and off-road Kumho Road Venture MT Kl71 - 31" (245/75R16 - 5 pcs. for ALU OEM), 2. For summer and grass TOYO OPEN COUNTRY AT Plus 3 - regular size, in great condition, like new, I haven't even ridden them , and 3. Winter ones in regular size. Regular spare suspended under the car. Mechanically, everything that could be done was done: suspension, transfer case (OEM BorgWarner parts + Japanese bearings), timing, water pump, camshaft bearings, new valve cover (the old one is leaking), regenerated alternator, new air conditioning compressor, starter, etc. About 5-6 thousand km ago, the fuel pump was also replaced with a new one, as well as a new turbine, pads and discs. The gearbox works properly without any jerks and does not stall when shifting gears , it pulls and starts hot and cold. A lot of parts, work, ideas and money have been put into it. In fact, it hasn't driven much in my hands since 2021 because I use the company car every day, and I was constantly preparing and improving the Terracan. However, life has shown that this is not the case I don't have much time to go somewhere else with my children because I'm still studying, and drowning the car in the mud doesn't really interest me. Terrek hasn't been on any serious off-road trips, not even in the forest. We only sometimes travel with the children in the meadows, but the car is generally it is parked and is a spare as it goes to the service center every day. A ready-made solution for those who have the same idea as I had - now just get in and drive. The outside paint is of course slightly scratched from branches. The frame is healthy, but it needs to be protected because there are visible rust spots - I did not pebble it so as not to cover it with a layer of bitumen so that you can see what is there. If someone wants, they can secure it in their own way. I am open to questions.

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