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2008' Skoda Octavia

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Published 2 May 2024ID: A1kZPv

Information from the owner

Body: Wagon
Age: 16 years
Mileage: 321000 km
Displacement: 1896 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Silver
Interior: Cooled Seats

Seller's comments about 2008' Skoda Octavia

I will sell a Skoda Octavia car with a reliable 1.9TDI engine with a power of 105 HP from 2008. I am the second owner of the vehicle, it was purchased about 7 years ago from a family friend. Since then, it usually transports two adults who do not have any pets or children. The previous owner used seat covers that were removed at the time of purchase. As you can already guess, the current owner suggests that the upholstery is in good visual condition and has never smelled of cigarette smoke.
The car is in good visual condition, but has a dent/scratch on the front passenger door and one/two wheel arches require a visit to a body shop. But what does it mean for such a wonderful car as this Silver Arrow? To be 100% honest with potential buyers, this vehicle has experienced the joys of being parked in a housing estate in recent years, so on the sides you can find references to the fact that neighbors were not very careful when opening the doors of their steel horses.
Moving on to the technical stuff. The car was never beaten, we never raised a hand against a family member. The only mistake in its history is the mark on the door visible in the photos. The current mileage is 330,200 thousand km.
In 2018, suspension renovation and timing repair.
In August 2020, the dual mass and clutch were replaced and the gearbox was rebuilt.
In 2021, a major suspension service, along with the previous repair, is complete.
February 2024, the car underwent another full inspection, worn-out suspension parts were replaced, oils and cabin filters were replaced, and the air conditioning was cleaned of fungi.
The car was supposed to be used in the family for many years to come, but unforeseen circumstances forced us to sell it. I would like to emphasize the fact that the car has undergone a full inspection and was serviced in one workshop. Both myself and the workshop have full service history.
Additionally, I have a set of winter and summer tires for it, so you don't have to worry about replacing them this season.

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