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2018' Skoda Octavia

2018' Skoda Octavia photo #1
2018' Skoda Octavia photo #2
2018' Skoda Octavia photo #3
2018' Skoda Octavia photo #4
2018' Skoda Octavia photo #5
2018' Skoda Octavia photo #6
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Body: Sedan
Age: 5 years
Mileage: 77800 km
Displacement: 1598 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Blue

I invite you to familiarize yourself with my advertisement, and especially to visit my website
where I put additional documentation regarding cars from my offer (service history, etc.).
• I SINCERELY ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ THE FULL CONTENT OF THE ADVERTISEMENT AND MY COMPANY'S PROFILE. I run my own car sales policy, which is based on transparency, quality and honesty. My mission is to provide you with a GOOD, PROVEN and, above all, safe car! If you want to buy a good car, I invite you. If you are looking for a bargain and price in a nice package, it's a waste of our time. The price is fair and reasonable, and you won't get any surprises in return.
Skoda Octavia 1.6TDI, 115KM
• Mileage: 77,800 km (documented)
• Country of origin Poland
• Condition: very good (no accidents). You can read about the differences between accident-free and collision-free here: The car on several elements has an increased thickness of the paint coating after minor events of which there is not the slightest trace. Detailed photos along with the service history can be seen at my website (offer).
• First owner, 1 user, very good condition.
• Bought in a Polish showroom and regularly serviced.
• Annotation on FV regarding mileage and lack of hidden defects.
• DEKRA expert's report, autodna report, detailed report of full pre-purchase inspection available for viewing. When buying a car, the customer receives full written documentation regarding the technical condition.
• REFUND OF COSTS of travel and pre-purchase inspection (by ASO or an independent expert), if my description does not match the actual condition of the vehicle
Specifically and without beating around the bush about ME.
I'm not a dream seller. I am a seller of cars that are a real fulfillment of your dreams.
My cars are not so perfect only in the description. For me, description equals reality. The cars I offer are good and proven
I know that no matter what I write here, it's best to see it with your own eyes. That's why come and see the cars live. This is important. Most of my clients, having come from the other end of Poland, decided to buy. If you wish, it is possible to record a video with the measurement of the thickness of the paint coating and other details.
I guarantee in writing:
• lack of hidden defects and correct mileage (recorded on all invoices, including sales invoices)
• cars after the first owner and one user, serviced at an authorized service station or Bosch service
• cars that are mostly collision-free, i.e. those that have not had even a minor bump. Did you know that even a car with the entire front end erased can legally be called accident-free? Probably not the kind of car you are looking for... (you can read about the differences between a collision-free and accident-free car on my website - articles)
However, if the car has had a small adventure in the past (usually a dent or scratch), I describe it on the website Possible damages are visible in the photos that I attach to the documentation.
And in the meantime:
• Check
opinions of REAL customers at, FACBOOK: PREMO MOTORS.
The choice of this medium is not accidental. On fb you can check a person's profile and even write to them if they really confirm their opinion about me
• WATCH THE VIDEO: see what cars I sell, who I am and what makes me different - LINK)
Facts matter to me, not promises.
As a seller, I take responsibility for the car I sell.
I cordially invite you,
Przemysław Toczkowski

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