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1992' Volkswagen Passat

1992' Volkswagen Passat photo #1
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1992' Volkswagen Passat photo #3
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Body: Wagon
Age: 31 years
Mileage: 400000 km
Displacement: 1896 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Silver
Interior: Air Conditioning, Power Mirrors
Exterior: Fog lamps, Luggage Rack, New Tires, Premium Wheels
Safety: Antilock Brakes

I am selling a 1992 VW Passat B3. with a 1.9 TD 75 HP engine
The car had only two owners: the first of them was a German parish priest in the years 1992 to 2002, and the second was my father-in-law for whom he worked as a sexton.
- garaged, well-kept car, no leaks, loose parts, etc.
- kept in original condition, complete without modifications,
- a heavily invested car, it does not require any financial outlays,
- premium Continental summer tires from 2017. 7 mm on all tires,
- original rims - in beautiful condition + original VW hubcaps,
- second set of wheels with premium Continental 7mm tires on all tires,
- the floor is in original condition, healthy, only surface corrosion in some places,
- the engine starts first time in freezing temperatures, does not consume oil (consumption 1l/10,000km)
- efficient, efficient air conditioning and tight
- tight exhaust system without corrosion,
- original roof rack,
My father-in-law is very fond of this car. All repairs or replacement of consumables are carefully documented - this documentation will be transferred to the new owner.
Additionally, the original first aid kit, a set of VW/Audi bulbs and fuses and a repair book.
Examples of recent repairs:
- new Varta battery (11/01/2021)
- new air conditioning compressor, accessory belts (10/2020)
- new air conditioning condenser and dryer (01/06/2021)
- new heater (05/05/2023)
- new glow plugs (03/2021)
- new handbrake cables and rubber under the sled (02/02/2020)
- replacing the timing, accessory belt and changing the oil in the gearbox (16/08/2019)
- replacement of Bilstein rear shock absorbers (22/02/2019)
- alternator regeneration (20/12/2018)
- replacement of front brake discs and pads, floor maintenance (05/08/2018)
- clutch replacement (28/04/2018)
- every oil change every 10,000 km
These are just examples of repairs from recent years. The car has always been kept in such a condition that it could be used to get in and drive abroad, and it still is in such a condition.
The car was very richly equipped for those times:
- automatic air conditioning (CLIMATRONIC)
- electric windows front and rear
- electric mirrors
- digital radio with RDS with 6 speakers (Panasonic/VW)
- driver's seat with adjustable seat height and lumbar support
- sofa armrest
- thick velvet upholstery
- athermal windows
- central lock
The car is already 31 years old, you can try to register it as a monument - a formality.
The only shortcomings are: The clear paint is peeling on the left door, the rear wiper does not work, the front fog lights do not work (the faults were not diagnosed in any way).
I have a garage with a canal - I can provide it for inspection
I agree to inspections at a diagnostic station before purchase.

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  • 7 October 2023
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