The Gymkhana 11 Car Is a Subaru Sedan Described as “the Wildest WRX STI Ever”

2 years, 1 month ago - 15 October 2020, autoevolution
The Gymkhana 11 Car Is a Subaru Sedan Described as “the Wildest WRX STI Ever”
As we are waiting patiently for the all-new WRX to launch next year, Subaru is reminding us that the outgoing model still exists in U.S. inventory with the help of Travis Pastrana.

"The wildest WRX STI ever" isn't a stock model but a one-off build with carbon-fiber body panels, an over-the-top aero package, and a custom-built boxer four-pot turbo.

"This STI is unbelievable," said the 37-year-old racing driver, and who could blame him? Look beyond Pastrana's financial backing from Subaru of America, and you'll understand why this Scooby is such an exciting car.

Long-travel suspension engineered to take unbelievable abuse from uneven terrain, a Recaro bucket seat that doesn't look comfortable at all, a full-fledged roll cage for extra safety and less flex, and an exhaust system that exits through the hood are only a few of the highlights. "We've never had the opportunity to do this before," added Pastrana about the "crazy fast" STI.

As the headline implies, Subaru and technical partner Vermont SportsCar went overboard with the four-door sedan for the next installment of the Gymkhana series. The Hoonigan franchise dates back to 2008, a Crawford Performance-tuned 2006 WRX STI, and a certain Ken Block who turned hooning into a worldwide phenomenon. This time around, we've been promised "a new take on the Gymkhana concept" as well as "a vehicle that could do things no Gymkhana car had ever been asked to."

After years of high-performance Fords going sideways, the return to the Japanese marque is an interesting change indeed. The switch is pretty understandable given that Pastrana is driving for Subaru and Block is backed up by the Blue Oval. Speaking of which, Block is currently working on a one-off Ford Mustang called the Hoonifox.

Hoonigan, Subaru, and Pastrana are all keeping their lips shut about the location and release timing of Gymkhana 11, which is a bit of a bummer given that Gymkhana 10 rolled out in December 2018. On the upside, Travis let it slip on Instagram that filming is underway and that jumps are on the menu.

"The nose started to drop on my first jump, so I hit the rear wing to max and almost looped out! A few jumps later, and we learned to use the wing and/or handbrake to literally fly my car. Can't believe how much effect the aero has."

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