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2001' BMW Seria 3

6 photos
Body: Wagon
Age: 21 years
Mileage: 307965 km
Displacement: 2979 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Black

For sale BMW e46 330xi station wagon, with manual gearbox (rarity!) And permanent all-wheel drive. Imported by me from Germany in October 2015.

The car after an engine overhaul in 2021, with a mileage of 303222 km (about 4000 km have been driven since then). Grinded crankshaft, planned head, new rings, all seals, new oil pump, engine is like new, needle compression, regained some power after this operation at top revs. (The reason for the overhaul was a failure of the oil pump, a frequent problem of this engine is a twisted pump shaft). Premium summer Dunlop Sportmaxx tires (still a lot of tread), winter Barum tires on 17-inch rims (the same as those in the photo) for an additional PLN 1000. The oil and filters were changed regularly and Valvoline was poured once a year. Drives and suspension in good condition, do not require repairs. The car was repaired and maintained on a regular basis, there were many repairs over the years, I do not want to replace all of them. In the last 4000 km, the wiper mechanism was repaired (jammed, standard failure e46), the shaft was replaced with the original one (standard failure e46, the rubber starts to crumble). New DISA valve (every 100,000 needs to be replaced, now it will be quiet for a long time). The only technical problem is there was a slight whine recently at about 90 km / h. The brakes still have some life.

Before sale car washed and washed, leather refreshed, very nice inside. There are a few scratches on the outside and a bit of rust as it is e46 (structurally okay from the bottom, only on the car body, it was parked under a cloud)

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