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2010' Fiat Bravo

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Published 4 May 2024ID: meP35z

Information from the owner

Age: 14 years
Mileage: 350000 km
Displacement: 1598 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Exterior: Nerf Bars, New Tires

Seller's comments about 2010' Fiat Bravo

Fiat Bravo II 1.6 Mjet 120 HP for sale
Vintage 2010, first registration 2011. Polish showroom - Pol-Car Poznań.
Mileage 350k
I am selling it as damaged because:
in 2023, the timing tensioner screw broke off and I had to overhaul the engine - there are bills for PLN 5,600 - by the way, I did everything that needed to be done to the engine in the car.
About two weeks after receiving the car from the mechanic, the dual mass began to knock - I replaced the clutch set with dual mass for PLN 3,000
A week after replacing the clutch, it fell apart and destroyed the gearbox - I bought a new refurbished gearbox for PLN 3,000 + another dual-mass flywheel for PLN 2,500
A month after picking up the car from the mechanic, I drove into a puddle during a downpour and the engine sucked water through the air filter - my trusted mechanic had no deadlines. The car had been at his place for almost a month. The school year was approaching and I had to transport my children, so I bought a new car from the showroom.
The cost of cleaning the engine from water and replacing damaged items is PLN 2,500. At the same time, several new parts were added. And the turbine and injectors were tested (all ok).
The car has a new rear suspension. Thresholds to be made. Pads and discs. Apart from that, nice Barum Quartaris 5 all-season tires - I put maybe 10,000 miles on them
The car drives, has power, fuel consumption is normal. There is a slight knocking noise and it goes quiet while driving - the mechanic says it's probably a valve tappet or a lever (I don't know). Sometimes it smokes white - it's possible that the gasket is gone.
Even though I like this car very much, I won't drive it anymore - I know I won't get the money back, but maybe someone will give it a second life. I respect my things and it's hard for me to write it off, that's why I put almost 13k into it in a year. According to the mechanic, it would be best to install a new post - the cost should not exceed PLN 3,000 and the car will drive for many years.
Well-kept interior - it was washed just before the last failure, so it is clean and fragrant. The air conditioning works, there have never been any problems with it - it cools nicely.
For those interested, I will dig out the invoice and a detailed list of repairs and parts performed.
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