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2006' Ford Focus Ver-St

5 photos
Age: 16 years
Mileage: 320000 km
Displacement: 2522 cc
Transmission: Manual
Exterior color: Black

I put my eye in my head for sale. Unfortunately, in the last 2 years I literally left the garage with it a few times due to lack of time (I have a different car every day). Focus is in my possession for about 5 years, during this time I have been heavily invested. I have never saved on it, only serviced by FSV Performance (the only right service in Poland). Everything is done on a regular basis, oil is changed every 7,000 km.

This year, the downpipe was replaced and the Maxton sprays (front, sides, rear), regenerated power steering pump, changed oil and filters.

The car was completely repainted in a professional factory (it had some imperfections, chips, etc.) - photos before and during the painting, of course, for inspection, also the texture.

Suspension regenerated, powder coated, applied polyurethanes. Bilstein B6 shock absorbers, HR springs - the car is super stiff and sticks to the road like a go-kart.

The wheels are original RS MK2 alloy wheels, regenerated, powder coated, wax-protected with Pirelli P Zero tires + spacers.

Recently, the rear wiper has been removed and blinded and the rear window polished by the way.

Fitted large black intercooler.

Despite the considerable mileage, the engine is in good condition (an endoscope inspection was performed).

Installed injectors from RS and changed turbine control, current power 280KM and 440NM.

ATE Powerdisc brake discs and Hawk HPS pads

Fitted reinforced driveshafts from FSV Performance - an expensive but much needed modification on this model

Shortshifter on the gearbox.

Mounted a la RS from Maxton and rear diffuser.

Dark PPF Dyno Stek foil on the headlamps. Rear lamps - dark LEDs with approval. Dynamic indicators in the mirrors. Rain sensor, steering lights.

Recently made a slight paint correction and applied hard wax.

As for the exhaust system, as mentioned above, a new downpipe has been installed recently, and the decat and larger exhaust tips flew in earlier. When you add more gas, a beautiful sound of a 5-cylinder engine appears, and sometimes when reducing it, he also likes to shoot himself. When you drive slowly, the exhalation is not loud and bothersome.

It has never been sawn in the cold, and generally very little run on spots / quarters etc. (hence quite a few photos - most of my authorship).

The interior features a touch android radio, custom gear knob, bellows and armrest trimmed with Alcantara. The black roof lining creates a cool, intimate atmosphere. Original RECARO seats. Manual air conditioning but working. Heated windshield, electric windows, mirrors, radio control from behind the steering wheel.

The car has an LPG installation, which, to be honest, I haven't driven too often recently (it can be adjusted, because it switches to petrol when pressed harder).

Of the things to do, you could repaint the hood because it has a few chips, there is a bit of cracks in the original aluminum veneer on the steering wheel and the handle of the manual. The rest is perfect.

Virtually everything that was possible is black (including windows, exhaust lamps, etc.), only the brake calipers (regenerated and powder coated) and IC pipes are green.

Some of the photos (mainly those on the back) are out of date (new rims, added sprays, wiper removed, black exhaust, etc.). As I wrote above, I rarely leave it and I haven't taken actual photos of the back, but I can assure you that now it looks even better than in the pictures. Overall, it is really impressive live.

As for the visual part, I think it is a perfect car, one of the prettiest in Poland. As for the engine and drive - for the uninitiated - the aforementioned FSV Performance service can squeeze 500+ horses (if not 600) from this engine, you can also put a 4x4 drive.

I probably forgot some of the things, so I invite you to contact me by phone.

Focus to watch in Krakow or Wieliczka.

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  • 2 October 2022
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