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2009' Volvo Xc 60

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Published 1 May 2024ID: J3YyGp

Information from the owner

Age: 15 years
Mileage: 296000 km
Displacement: 2953 cc
Fuel: LPG
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Silver
Interior: Air Conditioning
Exterior: New Tires, Sun/Moon Roof
Safety: Backup Sensors
Electronics: CD Changer, MP3 Port

Seller's comments about 2009' Volvo Xc 60

The Volvo was imported from the USA in the fall of 2022, I am its first owner in Poland, the second owner in general, model year 2010.
After import, only the right front fender was replaced - the original one had corrosion due to leaves lying on the bottom of the wheel arch (I provide the VIN number - after pasting it into Google you can find photos). I bought a white, original Volvo fender that was painted - it is not a Chinese replacement. In the USA, the windshield was replaced (it is from 2016) - in the first years of production, the windows leaked due to too little glue used for their installation.
The paint sensor shows a thicker layer at the bottom of the rear left door, and there is also a small spot of corrosion below. The Carfax history is accident-free (I have the report) so it's probably some kind of parking damage. I didn't have any damage in Poland, but the car has scratches on the paint and rims - most of them can probably be polished. The car has its original, quite high mileage (184,000 miles) but a very well-kept interior - the leather is undamaged, and after importing it did not require any washing of the upholstery. It drove long distances and was serviced on time in the USA and Poland.
After import, all filters and engine oil were replaced, the computer language was changed to Polish, a good wireless reversing camera in HD quality was added, activated by remote control whenever needed (no beam, the image is transmitted via radio) and the engine map was changed to the more powerful Polestar, an installation was also installed LPG gas by BRC with a very large cylinder (it holds as much as 69 liters of gas, the range per cylinder on the road is up to 480 km, the car burns from 14 to 16 liters of gas per 100 km, I don't know what the fuel consumption is over such a distance)
The LPG installation is carefully installed - no elements are visible in the engine compartment, the gas filler is hidden, the installation is of course included in the certificate, after adjustments and filter changes on time,
Recently, all the brake pads in the car were replaced and a new blower - fan (internal blowing) was installed. The tires were also changed. There will be another oil change soon (the previous one was at 177,000 miles, so another 2 or 3 thousand km to change)
Air conditioning, seat heating, MP3 reading from a USB pendrive and CD, Bluetooth connection to the phone, electric windows, descent assistant, tire pressure sensors, compass in the self-dimming mirror, City Safety system, anti-slip DSTC, panoramic roof with electric roller blind and others, all equipment and all its functions work. Only proximity opening (keyless entry) was deliberately disabled for security reasons (theft by means of the so-called suitcase). Keyless starting in the ignition remained on.
Total and daily mileage in miles, as well as the speedometer, but it never bothered me because the tachometer can display the current speed in kilometers per hour.
The gearbox changes gears without delays, the 4x4 drive works. I am selling it with a summer set of Pirelli tires visible in the photos, the winter tires included with the car in the USA were quite old.
The car comes with all original Volvo books, original tools, a spare wheel, a jack, there is also a service book with up to 89,000 miles, there are two working keys, there is a CarFax report, which can also be viewed here:
CARFAX: photos.app.goo.gl/WPCPqLTkFvGNsK7y6
With the DSTC system turned off and manual shifting in sport mode, the Volvo accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds, it has not been checked on the dynamometer because I don't need it, but there is more than enough power and torque, it has functional catalytic converters and the original exhaust.
The car can be viewed on weekends in Opole Lubelskie, 40 km from Lublin, by appointment.
Minor price negotiation on site. I'm not interested in swapping. I do not issue invoices - I am a private person.
It is possible to have the car assessed at any diagnostic station or Volvo dealer in Lublin at the buyer's expense.

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