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2017' Kawasaki ZXR

Body:Super Sport
Mileage:3744 km
Displacement:1000 cc

You can buy my private ZX10RR of 2017.
This is not a ZX10R but a ZX10RR difference in the articles below.
Please read before calling. It describes what this motorcycle has and how it differs from the standard ZX10R.

2 links, copy to your browser and read:,Ninja,ZX-10RR,2017,tylko,1000,sztuk,29589.html,ZX-10RR,intuicjska,kontrola,29937.html

I am the first owner. I bought it in a Polish showroom in March 2017.

Mileage 3744 original. Only 1,000 Ninja ZX10RR motorcycles were produced worldwide in 2017.

New oil - Motul 300V, oil filter, brake fluid, super pads,
New tires, max 50 km mileage - Dunlop SportSmart 200/55/17
Beautiful lightweight Marchesini rims, forged aluminum.
Very good condition of the drive.
Frame in carbon cover.
3 L / M / F engine maps
S-KTRC - 5 levels of traction control
KQS - quick and down shifter - shifting gears without clutch up and down
KLCM - Launch Control
KAWASAKI ENGINE BRAKE CONTRO - engine braking control
KIBS - a precise braking system dedicated to sports motorcycles, offering very efficient braking
KCMF - steering control
ABS - you know that

Used for amateur track driving for 3 years, 2 years in a warm garage.

To see if someone would like all the track equipment (fairings, GPS lap timer, stands, heating blankets, decat akrapovic, short roll, reverse gears, brake lever cover and so on + new Bridgestone slick tire
BATTLAX RACING V02 200/655/17 - all this + 3,000 extra). Red color as in the last photo.

24/09/2022 made with technical review.

Minor scratches - the end of the steering wheel, an accessory handle - I also have the originals, crash pads for the engine and frame, a mirror and a catalyst cover.

Everything is visible in the pictures. THERE IS NO OTHER DAMAGE OR SCRATCHES.
Fairings, frame (carbon cover), all original paint.
The scratch was caused by a roundabout skidding at a very low speed.

engine crash pad - 1100 PLN
frame crash pad - 280 PLN
brake levers - 460 PLN
steering wheel tip - PLN 200
catalyst cover - painting 1 element PLN 500
mirror - 630 PLN

PLN 3170 and we have a brand new, barely run in super motorcycle.

I would definitely buy both crash pads, they were perfect for protecting fairings, engine, frame and other parts.

Location 5 km from Białystok.
I am not a trader and I invite interested persons to contact me.
More photos of specific places, parts, etc. - please contact me.
Białystok, Podlasie, Center

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